Sacred Harmony

Sacred Harmony

3 Seasons

Former choirmaster and organist at Salisbury Cathedral, Simon Lole tells the stories behind famous hymns, and introduces us to some of his favourite church music and musicians.

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Sacred Harmony
  • The Chapels Royal with Carl Jackson

    Episode 1

    Why has church music been vital throughout our history? Simon Lole is joined by director of music at Hampton Court, Carl Jackson, as they discuss the importance training of musicians throughout history.

  • Gospel Music with Ken Burton

    Episode 2

    Where did modern Gospel music come from? Simon Lole speaks to choirmaster and composer, Ken Burton, about the positive influences and development of Gospel music over the years.

  • Church Music Today with Hugh Morris

    Episode 3

    In what ways is the UK influencing church music across the world? Simon Lole discusses the state of church music across the country today with new director of Royal School of Church Music, Hugh Morris.

  • Women In Church Music with Sarah MacDonald

    Episode 4

    Historically female composers were largely ignored. Simon Lole sits down with choir director, Sarah MacDonald, to discuss the ever increasing role of women in church music.

  • Choirs with Andrew Nethsingha

    Episode 5

    Director of music at St John's College Cambridge, Andrew Nethsingha, talks to Simon Lole about how they look for potential in young children to become choristers and why it is so important to keep up the traditions.

  • The Organ with Claudia Grinnell

    Episode 6

    Ever wondered how a church organ works? Simon Lole speaks to organist Claudia Grinnell about training the next generation of organ players. We are also treated to a special performance from musician David Paulter.