Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships

4 Seasons

With more than 40 years’ experience of partnering with African nations and providing free surgery for the poorest people on the planet, Mercy Ships interviews leading figures and medical experts on healthcare.

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Mercy Ships
  • Lea Milligan

    Episode 1

    Mercy Ships interviews director, Lea Milligan, on healthcare and the coronavirus and how they are playing their part during the crisis.

  • Dr Juliette Tuakli

    Episode 2

    Mercy Ships interviews pediatrician Dr Juliette Tuakli about how they are tackling the challenges of medical care during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Dr Mark Shrime

    Episode 3

    Mercy Ships interviews surgeon, Dr Mark Shrime, talking about poverty and disease and how they are linked.

  • Dr Odry Agbessi

    Episode 4

    Mercy Ships interviews Dr Odry Agbessi who was the first qualified plastic surgeon from her country.

  • Denise Ngum

    Episode 5

    Denise Ngum talks about her incredible experience working as a volunteer electrician for Mercy Ships.

  • Dr Agbessi

    Episode 6

    Bringing hope and healing to burns victims, Dr Agbessi shares about her journey to becoming a plastic surgeon on board Mercy Ships.

  • Valerie

    Episode 7

    As Valerie and her daughter both have tumours, but no funds to get them removed, Mercy Ships arrive to help them out.

  • Don Stephens

    Episode 8

    The founder of Mercy Ships, Don Stephens, talks about the origins of Mercy Ships and his inspirational meeting with Mother Theresa.

  • Dr Gary Parker

    Episode 9

    Chief volunteer surgeon, Dr Gary Parker talks about the life changing surgery they perform and how they train people in the community to do the same.