Living a Transformed Life

Living a Transformed Life

2 Seasons

Kate Nicholas explores one of the great mysteries of faith – God’s transformation in this life and beyond ̶ through scripture, the lives of key biblical characters, as well as meeting people with amazing stories of transformation.

Living a Transformed Life
  • The Seen And Unseen

    Episode 1

    Kate Nicholas introduces the series, beginning with the first chapter of Ephesians, providing an understanding of the unseen world of the heavenly realms.

  • Contrasting Realities

    Episode 2

    Kate Nicholas takes a look at the second chapter of the book of Ephesians, delving into the differences between living a life abiding in Christ and living a life in the world full of sin.

  • Embracing The Mystery

    Episode 3

    What does it mean to be a prisoner of Christ Jesus? Kate Nicholas takes a deeper look at the way Paul describes his identity as a servant of God.

  • Lists For Living

    Episode 4

    God has given us free will. Kate Nicholas unpacks more of Paul's guidance that seems so counter-cultural to the way the world lives.

  • Imitating God

    Episode 5

    How can we be more like God? Kate Nicholas looks at living a radical life of love and how we can remain rooted and established in God's love.

  • Submission And Strength

    Episode 6

    What does it mean to submit to one another out of reverence to Christ? Kate Nicholas looks at the final chapters in the book of Ephesians.