Kings and Priests

Kings and Priests

8 Episodes

Kings and Priests
  • Living Out Your Faith In The Workplace

    Episode 1

    Bob Gass talks to businessman Chris Hyman about being the salt and light of Jesus in our workplace and the impact it can have.

  • Loving Your Neighbour As Yourself

    Episode 2

    Bob Gass sits down with Lord Michael Hastings and talks about building partnerships and resources to end world poverty.

  • Keys To Successful Leadership

    Episode 3

    Bob Gass hears from about entrepreneur Mike Carson about mentoring the next generation of leaders and the opportunities God has given him to bring transformation across the world.

  • Money

    Episode 4

    Bob Gass speaks with Michael Fitch, who specializes in advising people on debt, tax and managing wealth.

  • The Power Of Forgiveness

    Episode 5

    Bob Gass chats to R.T. Kendall about the call of God on his life and experiencing God's incredible forgiveness and freedom in his life.

  • Blessed To Be A Blessing

    Episode 6

    Bob Gass talks to Howard Measham about his inspiring business career, finding faith and how God uses him to bless others.

  • The Importance Of Having Core Values

    Episode 7

    Bob Gass hears from Andy Corley.

  • Finding Your Life's Purpose And Fulfilling It

    Episode 8

    Bob Gass sits down with banker and philanthropist Ken Costa, as they talk about discovering God's call on his life.