Into All the World

Into All the World

2 Seasons

One By One’s Matthew and Becky Murray delve into the mission field and discuss the importance of carrying the good news into all the world

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Into All the World
  • Krish Kandiah: Home For Good

    Episode 1

    One By One's Matthew and Becky Murray sit down with Krish Kandiah - Founding Director, Home For Good, and talk about the incredible gift of fostering and adoption.

  • Interview With Mike Pilavachi: Pastor of Soul Survivor

    Episode 2

    Are we too small in our thinking? Matthew and Becky Murray talk to Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor about not putting limitations of God.

  • Interview With Bruce Dyer And Karina Martin

    Episode 3

    How we can reach into our divided world? Matthew and Becky speak to footballer-turned-pastor, Bruce Dyer, and Karina Martin, executive director of Welcome Churches, about how they connect with and serve their communities.

  • Interview With Nicky Gumbel: Alpha Course

    Episode 4

    Matthew and Becky speak to Rev Nicky Gumble about his incredible journey of faith and how he became a pioneer of the Alpha course, that continues to reach millions with the Gospel of Jesu Christ.

  • Interview With Nicky Gumbel: Part 2

    Episode 5

    How can we prepare the church for the future? Matthew and Becky Murray continue their conversation with Rev Nicky Gumbel and hear how Covid-19 has meant churches have had to adapt to reach their congregations.

  • Interview With Rachel Ortiz

    Episode 6

    Mission looks different for different people. Matthew and Becky talk to Rachel Ortiz, from Pop UK, about how they reach children with God's love through music. We also hear how Craig Bunting is partnering his coffee business with The Dignity Project.

  • Interview With Mike Pilavachi - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Matthew and Becky Murray talk about saying 'Yes' to God for the call on our life with Pastor Mike Pilavachi, from Soul Survivor church in Watford.

  • Interview with Emma Owen: Respect ME

    Episode 8

    Matthew and Becky speak to Emma Owen, former member of The Tribe and founder of Respect ME, offering Christian perspective on sex, relationships and self-esteem.

  • Interview With Dan Randall: Front Line Evangelism

    Episode 9

    We hear from Dan Randall, HOPE Together Youth Director and one of the Senior Leaders and Youth & Young Adults Leader at Life Church Lancashire. Matthew and Becky also talk about prolific evangelists who have touched the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Interview With Jan Appleton: Eagle's Nest

    Episode 1

    Matthew and Becky Murray discuss breaking the cycles that trap us, such as addiction, slavery and poverty. We hear from Jan Appleton about the incredible work of Eagle's Nest, offering additional support for many young people

  • Interview With Ruth Jackson: Apologetics

    Episode 20

    Matthew and Becky share about how you can share the Gospel even if you are a pizza delivery driver! Ruth Jackson, a producer and youth specialist, shares her passion for bringing the hope of Jesus to young people.

  • Interview with Patrick Regan: Mental Health

    Episode 12

    We often take care of our physical bodies better than our mental and emotional health. Matthew and Becky Murray speak to Patrick Regan about the importance of mental health.