Into All the World

Into All the World

2 Seasons

One By One’s Matthew and Becky Murray delve into the mission field and discuss the importance of carrying the good news into all the world

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Into All the World
  • Why Mission?

    Episode 1

    Matthew and Becky Murray introduce the series and their global ministry, One By One, sharing about how their extraordinary adventure with God began.

  • The Orphan

    Episode 2

    Matthew and Becky Murray speak to Pastor Bill Wilson, who organizes the biggest Sunday school in the world and hear about his heart for orphans.

  • The Widow

    Episode 3

    Matthew and Becky Murray look at what the Bible says about widows, and speak to Pastor David Jones about how we should help and honour them.

  • Family On Mission

    Episode 4

    Maybe you thought mission was just for adults? Matthew and Becky discuss how great it is when the whole family, including the kids, get involved in sharing the Gospel.

  • Provision

    Episode 5

    Looking for provision for the vision? Matthew and Becky Murray share how God came through, each time, for their charities and mission trips.

  • Human Trafficking

    Episode 6

    Matthew and Becky Murray discuss with Dr John Andrews about the horrendous crime of human trafficking and modern day slavery, and what the Bible says about it.

  • Healing

    Episode 7

    Does God still heal today? Matthew and Becky Murray share their incredible testimony of when Matthew was healed miraculously from Malaria and organ failure.

  • Salvation

    Episode 8

    Matthew and Becky Murray are joined by Israel Silgram, who shares his incredible story from suffering abuse as a child, to being rescued by Jesus and receiving healing over many years.

  • Mission Trips

    Episode 9

    Ever thought about going on a mission trip? Matthew and Becky Murray chat to different people who have been on life changing trips across the world.