Healing In Jesus Name

Healing In Jesus Name

4 Episodes

In this four part series, healing evangelist John Mellor, teaches Biblical principles for receiving healing and praying for the sick.

Healing In Jesus Name
  • Keys To Healing

    Episode 1

    Childlike faith is the beginning of praying for healing. Evangelist John Mellor looks at how we can declare healing over our lives today.

  • Guarding your Heart and Emotions

    Episode 2

    Body, soul and spirit are all closely linked, the state of our heart can affect our body and spirit. John Mellor explains the importance of guarding our heart.

  • Things That Can Hinder Us From Being Healed

    Episode 3

    What can prevent healing from happening? John Mellor looks topics such as unbelief, rationalism, strife, self pity, unforgiveness and unworthiness that can hinder healing in our life.

  • Who Can Heal The Sick?

    Episode 4

    The Bible is very clear that believers can heal the sick through faith. John Mellor explores the different gifts available in the Holy Spirit.