God And Creativity

God And Creativity

7 Episodes

Join Darren and Gary Wilson as they explore creativity as we were intended, as children of a creative God.

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God And Creativity
  • Creative God, Creative You

    Episode 1

    Author and filmmaker Darren Wilson, along with his father Gary Wilson, introduce the series, beginning with exploring the story of creation.

  • A Creative Roadmap

    Episode 2

    What are the three Axioms of Creativity? Gary Wilson looks at the basic core principles of creativity.

  • The Process Of Destiny

    Episode 3

    God has a dream for everyone's life, but not everyone chooses to follow His will. Darren Wilson discusses how we can reach the fullness of our destiny.

  • The Origins Of Creativity

    Episode 4

    What we think affects how we create. Gary Wilson explores the major theories and psychology of creativity.

  • Tales From The Trenches

    Episode 5

    Success doesn't happen without failure. Darren and Gary Wilson both share what they have learnt, through trial and error, on their creative journey with God.

  • The Trinity Of Creativity

    Episode 6

    Gary Wilson shares ways in which we can find our true, unique style through what we create.

  • How To Change The World

    Episode 7

    A lot of people feel the call to make a significant difference in the world, but don't know how to get started. Darren Wilson challenges us to get up and partner with God on this journey of life.