Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

7 Seasons

Each week Becky and her guests explore subjects that can sometimes appear contrary to one another, such as Justice vs Mercy or Destination vs Journey. Dig into God’s word and hear amazing stories from various guests.

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Embrace The Journey
  • First Things First

    Episode 1

    Becky Murray introduces the third series of Embrace The Journey, her family, mission and ministry. This programme is all about learning how we can live life to the full with Jesus as Lord of our life.

  • Overcoming Trials

    Episode 2

    Becky Murray chats to Anglican minister Joanna Jepson, who is no stranger to persecution and really living the life of a conqueror in Christ.

  • Cast The Nets

    Episode 3

    How can we appreciate the process and expedition in life? Becky Murray encourages us that we can impact the world we live in.

  • Between the Pit and the Palace

    Episode 4

    Finding the joy in every season of life can seem impossible, but not with God. Becky Murray teaches us that to appreciate summer, we have to go through winter.

  • Strike the Ground

    Episode 5

    Becky Murray looks at the passage in 2 Kings 13 with us, discovering biblical principles to help us thrive instead of just survive life.

  • Prophetically Impacting Communities

    Episode 6

    Determination and perseverance are key ingredients to answering the call of God on our life. Becky Murray delves deeper into the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Healthy Rhythms

    Episode 7

    Reflect on your life with Becky Murray. Balancing our lives between work, family, relationships and ministry is tough, but we can learn to do this from a serene place of rest with Jesus Christ.

  • Matters of the Heart

    Episode 8

    How can we guard our heart to keep it pure? Becky Murray looks at 3 different hearts; a hard heart, a hemorrhaging heart and a healed heart.