Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

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In John 10:10 Jesus says that we might have an abundant life, more than we expect, life to the full. Over this eight week series, join Becky Murray looking at practical keys to how we can have this abundant life. This includes having healthy rhythms - balancing our lives between work and family and relationships and ministry - and being faithful and sensitive to God’s leading and how we can have a determination so that we won’t quit when times are challenging. Guests include Ellie Limebear, Joanna Jepson, Jet Jones and Janine Dyer.

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Embrace The Journey
  • Clothed with Christ

    Episode 1

    God longs to journey with us, to talk with us, walk with us, and be with us. Becky Murray introduces the series, beginning with looking at the first people in the Bible who walked with the Lord.

  • God’s Engine Room

    Episode 2

    Is prayer powerful? Becky Murray talks to her good friend, Mulenga Chanda, about walking in tune with the Holy Spirit.

  • The Power of Humility

    Episode 3

    Can a healthy prayer life lead to humility? Becky Murray looks at how humility magnifies the power of the cross.

  • Can These Dry Bones Live?

    Episode 4

    How can we live victoriously and overcome the enemy? Becky Murray encourages us to get planted and rooted into the word of God.

  • It’s Time to Face Pharaoh

    Episode 5

    Becky Murray tackles the topic of boldness in this episode. One small voice can make all the difference when we step out in faith.

  • Let Them Hear You

    Episode 6

    Praise and worship should play an important part in our lives. Becky Murray looks deeper into the story of Paul and Silas breaking out of prison, in the book of Acts.

  • Carriers of Hope

    Episode 7

    Hope is more than selfish positive thinking, biblical hope is confident expectation that is unwavering. Becky Murray shares how we can impact one life at a time with the hope of Jesus Christ.

  • Intimacy with Christ

    Episode 8

    Don't miss the beauty of life. Becky Murray explains how intimacy with Jesus Christ is the most important key for life.