Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

8 Seasons

Each week Becky and her guests explore subjects that can sometimes appear contrary to one another, such as Justice vs Mercy or Destination vs Journey. Dig into God’s word and hear amazing stories from various guests.

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Embrace The Journey
  • Breaking Off Limitations

    Episode 1

    Becky Murray hosts a new series, looking at breaking off the lies that we so often hold on to. In this episode, Becky focuses on breaking off the lies that hold us back from reaching our full potential or living a full life.

  • Breaking off Shame

    Episode 2

    When we carry a weight of shame on our shoulders, it can slow us down. Becky Murray speaks to Isaiah Raymond who shares his incredible story of redemption.

  • Breaking off the silence

    Episode 3

    Have you ever been so overwhelmed in your life that you felt as if you had been muted? Becky Murray focuses on how we can break through the silence and bring healing, hope and life.

  • Breaking Off Loneliness

    Episode 4

    Sarah Yardley talks to Becky Murray about tackling loneliness and how we can overcome the crippling impact it can have on our lives.

  • Breaking Off Perfectionism

    Episode 5

    Jesus speaks truth because he is truth. Becky Murray shares how there is a difference between striving for excellence and perfectionism.

  • Breaking Off Fear

    Episode 6

    The fight and flight response is very real. Warren Evans speaks with Becky Murray about building our life on faith instead of fear.

  • Breaking Off Control

    Episode 7

    Ever feel like a control freak? Becky Murray challenges us to surrender our lives to God and walk in obedience with His will.

  • Breaking Off the Ugly

    Episode 8

    Becky Murray delves into the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah. Becky looks at how there is something inside all of us wanting to belong and to be accepted for who we are.