Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

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In John 10:10 Jesus says that we might have an abundant life, more than we expect, life to the full. Over this eight week series, join Becky Murray looking at practical keys to how we can have this abundant life. This includes having healthy rhythms - balancing our lives between work and family and relationships and ministry - and being faithful and sensitive to God’s leading and how we can have a determination so that we won’t quit when times are challenging. Guests include Ellie Limebear, Joanna Jepson, Jet Jones and Janine Dyer.

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Embrace The Journey
  • Through A Plague

    Episode 1

    How do we navigating our relationship with God through Covid-19. Becky Murray looks at how the Israelites handled their relationship with God through times of plagues.

  • When Navigating Change

    Episode 2

    Sometimes we can feel emotionally stretched. Becky Murray speaks about the way we experience transformation through changes in life, and how God remains our anchor through every season.

  • When You've Messed Up

    Episode 3

    Life is worth living! Becky Murray reminds us that when we make mistakes in life, God can still turn around the situation when we invite Him into it.

  • When You Feel Empty Handed

    Episode 4

    Ever felt unequipped for the situation you are in? Becky Murray looks at the the example of David taking up Goliath's sword to win a battle.

  • When Life Feels Out Of Control

    Episode 5

    God is sovereign and knows what tomorrow holds. Becky Murray encourages us to surrender to the King of kings, when life seems crazy and out of our control.

  • When You're Going Through Trials

    Episode 6

    No one is exempt from experiencing difficulties in life, even Jesus. Becky Murray brings a message of hope and points us to the purposes of God.

  • When Life Doesn't Feel Fair

    Episode 7

    It can be so hard to embrace the journey when life doesn't feel fair. Becky Murray takes us through Habakkuk's story of protest, provocation and the progress he made through his prayers.

  • While We're Trying To Impact Our World

    Episode 8

    How do we lift our eyes from ourselves and impact our communities and our world? Becky Murray reminds us how God has such a heart for family.