Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

6 Seasons

Each week Becky and her guests explore subjects that can sometimes appear contrary to one another, such as Justice vs Mercy or Destination vs Journey. Dig into God’s word and hear amazing stories from various guests.

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Embrace The Journey
  • The Journey Of One by One

    Episode 1

    In this one-hour special edition, Becky Murray celebrates the 10-year journey of One by One; an organisation which has flourished into a movement that is touching nations across the world.

  • Then vs Now

    Episode 2

    Becky is joined by pastor Doug Williams to look at how we grapple with seasons in our past, and how we can move forward into the incredible future God has for us.

  • Justice vs Mercy

    Episode 3

    We all need mercy. Becky Murray shares a testimony of experiencing God's mercy and looks at stories in the Bible that demonstrate that God is a God of justice.

  • Pursue vs Providence

    Episode 3

    God's will, will be done! Becky Murray and John Glass challenge us to actively seek God's will for our lives and communities.

  • Determination vs Stubbornness

    Episode 4

    Becky Murray explores how being 'strong willed' is different to being 'stubborn' and wanting to always be right.

  • Faith vs Facts

    Episode 5

    Becky Murray chats to Mark and Sharon Hinde about their incredible battle and healing journey after contracting Covid-19.

  • Perception vs Perspective

    Episode 6

    Taking a deeper look at the story of King Rehoboam, Becky Murray challenges us to be aware of our lives on social media and not be all consumed by people's perception.

  • Destination vs Journey

    Episode 7

    Becky Murray chats with Dr Rachael Ita as they look at the importance of knowing our purpose and vision as we go on our journey through life.

  • Slave vs Free

    Episode 8

    Jesus sets us free from sin and shame. Becky Murray shares her heart for setting children free to live a full life, knowing Jesus, with her anti-slavery and anti-trafficking campaigns.