Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

7 Seasons

Each week Becky and her guests explore subjects that can sometimes appear contrary to one another, such as Justice vs Mercy or Destination vs Journey. Dig into God’s word and hear amazing stories from various guests.

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Embrace The Journey
  • Discover Your Why

    Episode 1

    What makes us tick? Becky Murray challenges us to discover our purpose in God and seeking out 'our why?'

  • Processing The Hard Why’s

    Episode 2

    We don't need to ignore or supress the need to know why when difficult things happen. Becky Murray encourages us to face our pain and bring it to God and quit blaming others.

  • Keep Your Why

    Episode 3

    God is never intimidated by our questions. Becky Murray shares as we bring areas of pain to God and choose to trust God through it all.

  • Why People Walk Away

    Episode 4

    It can be brutal when people we love, admire or care about walk away from our lives. Becky speaks openly and frankly with pastor Bill Wilson about experiencing rejection and also God's healing.

  • You and Your “Why” Need Community

    Episode 5

    Community is important. Becky Murray challenges us to have the right people around us to support us as week seek to live out our purpose.

  • Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

    Episode 6

    No one escapes times of suffering. Becky Murray tackles one of the biggest questions we all grapple with and invites Pastor Bill Wilson back to hear from his experiences.

  • Why Cant I Break Free?

    Episode 7

    Becky is joined by Clyde and Rebekah Thomas, directors of Hope Centre Ministries UK, to look at how we can be released from a cycle of addiction or oppressive thoughts.

  • Walking Out Your Why

    Episode 8

    Becky challenges us to finish well by working out how to understand our God-given purpose.