Conversations with Christy Wimber

Conversations with Christy Wimber

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Change is possible. Christy Wimber invites you to challenge your preconceptions, taking a fresh look at some traditionally taboo topics, and invites you to be a catalyst for change.

Conversations with Christy Wimber
  • The Power of Story

    Episode 1

    God really does fulfill His Word to us, when we say 'Yes' to Him. Christy Wimber talks with Nicky Gumbel about evangelism, and how loving people and sharing our testimony of faith, is the best way to bring people to Jesus.

  • Mental Health & The Leader

    Episode 2

    1 in 4 people will struggle with mental ill health. Christy Wimber sits down with Paul Francis, he shares his experience of burnout after being in ministry for 12 years, and how he found a way through.

  • New Ways of Doing Church: House Church

    Episode 3

    Not every church vision looks the same. Christy Wimber is joined by Nigel Langford from Bible Society and we hear how he trusts God for the vision and expansion of Hub Church.

  • Women Who Lead: Part 1: Journeys to Leadership

    Episode 4

    Women in church leadership has grown. Christy Wimber speaks to Anne Calver and Valerie Elliot who are both established in ministry, we hear about how they have overcome the challenges they have faced along the way.

  • Women Who Lead: Part 2: Equipping the Church to Grow Female Leaders

    Episode 5

    Christy Wimber continues her conversation with Valerie Elliot and Anne Calver as they dig deeper over the challenges of fulfilling destiny and visions.

  • Women Who Lead: Part 3: The Rising Generation

    Episode 6

    Want to serve and lead effectively? Christy Wimber talks to Pippa Baker and Hannah Smith and about equipping the next generation of women for leadership roles within the church.

  • Trusting God in The Midst of Chronic Pain

    Episode 7

    What happens when we don't see physical healing? Christy Wimber talks to Chris Sayburn about his journey of faith and healing, despite experiencing chronic back pain.

  • Facing Domestic Abuse

    Episode 8

    How can we create a culture of asking for help - without shame? Christy Wimber sits down with Natalie Collins for a serious chat about how the church can reach out and help those experiencing domestic abuse.

  • Balance: Service and Self Care

    Episode 9

    Christy Wimber talks to Lauren Harris, Cath Woolridge and Adrianna Tate, women who all lead worship. We find out if it is possible to find a healthy balance while working in ministry.

  • Church Planting

    Episode 10

    Called to plant a church? Christy Wimber talks to Father Lee Marshall, Pippa Baker and Ben Doolan who are planting new Catholic and Church of England Churches in the UK.

  • How Food Brings Culture Together

    Episode 11

    Hospitality can break down barriers. Christy Wimber sits down with Will Torrent, who shares his personal story about the way he uses his creativity to glorify God.