Church Awake

Church Awake

8 Episodes

Pastor Steve Uppal encourages every follower of Christ to live life to the full and contend for the fullness of all that Christ has for us.

Church Awake
  • Trumpet Call

    Episode 1

    We were created by God for a purpose. Steve Uppal introduces the series and invites us to understand the time and the season in the Spirit.

  • Kingdom Advancers Commissioned

    Episode 2

    Want a greater confidence to live out the destiny Jesus has for us? Steve Uppal shares a message about how we are all part of a big story that God has written.

  • Kingdom Advancers Commissioned - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Want to be bolder sharing the Gospel? Steve Uppal unpacks the power of the Great Commission that Jesus gave us.

  • Healing The Wounded Warriors

    Episode 4

    Been through tough time? Steve Uppal shares how he overcame bullying and racial discrimination at school.

  • Stronger On The Inside

    Episode 5

    How strong are we? Steve Uppal teaches when we can when we are strong on the inside, we will be able to endure through the difficult times.

  • Contend For Destiny

    Episode 6

    Want to give God our best? Steve Uppal encourages us to go after everything God has for us with everything we've got.

  • Humility Wins

    Episode 7

    Everyone is called to a life of humility. Steve Uppal explains how a life of humility wins God's favour

  • There Is More And It's All In Jesus

    Episode 8

    Want to see more of God's glory. Steve Uppal is convinced that we are walking in exciting times and God is always ready to do a new thing.