Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White

3 Seasons

Canon Andrew White
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

    Join Canon Andrew White as he introduces the series taking us on a journey, reflecting on the miracles, signs and wonders he experienced in Baghdad and beyond.

  • The Angelic Realm

    Episode 2

    Ever seen an angel? Canon Andrew White looks back at the time he and the children in Baghdad took photographs of the angels that surrounded their church.

  • Dreams & Visions

    Episode 3

    Canon Andrew White shares how many Muslims converted to Christianity after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus dressed in white.

  • Miraculous Provision

    Episode 4

    Our heavenly Father withholds no good thing from us. Canon Andrew White reflects on the extravagant blessings and miracles of God's provision during his times in the Middle East.

  • Resurrections

    Episode 5

    Jesus is the the resurrection and the life! Canon Andrew White remembers when Jesus brought a number of adults and children who had died, back to life again.

  • Manifestations of Gold

    Episode 6

    The greatest sign and wonder is Jesus himself. Canon Andrew White shares times when he saw divine manifestations of God.

  • Word of Knowledge

    Episode 7

    Jesus desires to lead us to truth. Canon Andrew White talks to us about what it's like receiving God's supernatural, important knowledge.

  • Keys to Experiencing the Divine Supernatural

    Episode 8

    Jesus death and Resurrection is the most divine occurrence in all history. Canon Andrew White encourages us to believe and utilise the power of the cross and partake in communion.