Bouncing Forwards

Bouncing Forwards

2 Seasons

Join Patrick Regan as he sits down with a range of guests to have honest conversations on being resilient, and bouncing forwards whilst going through some of life's toughest challenges.

Bouncing Forwards
  • Resilience, Surviving the Holocaust

    Episode 12

    Patrick Regan speaks to Eva Schloss who shares her inspiring story of surviving the Holocaust, Auschwitz and finding love, despite all the odds.

  • Poverty, Debt, Family, Resilience

    Episode 11

    Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, talks to Patrick Regan about her journey through the loss of a business in the recession, bankruptcy and sickness in the family.

  • Disappointment, Loss, Vulnerability, Hope

    Episode 10

    Gareth & Andi Russell join Patrick Regan to discuss the challenges they faced over their marriage, including infertility and addictions and how they chose hope each day and to grow stronger together.

  • Racism, Justice, Values and Purpose

    Episode 9

    Leroy Logan MBE shares with Partick Regan his incredible story of the calling on his life to become a policeman, despite his own family experiencing police brutality.

  • Eating Disorders, Perfectionism, Self-Care, Mindfulness

    Episode 8

    Hope Virgo opens up to Patrick Regan about her struggles with her emotions growing up, battling anorexia and how she navigated her faith and recovery.

  • Abuse, Power, Trauma

    Episode 7

    Justin Humphreys, joint CEO of Thirtyone:eight, speaks to Patrick Regan about growing up in care, being adopted, becoming a Christian and also experiencing abuse within the church.

  • Handling Disappointment, Perfectionism, Defintion of Success

    Episode 6

    Patrick Regan speaks to writer and model Tola Doll Fisher about her experiences growing up, developing her faith and navigating heartbreak after the loss of her daughter.

  • Forgiveness, Justice, Compassion

    Episode 5

    Ray & Vi Donovan share their incredible story with Patrick Regan and their journey of forgiveness after their son was killed.

  • Healing, Contentment, Lament

    Episode 4

    Patrick Regan hears from author, Liz Carter, about her resilience growing up, how to handle disappointment, what lament really means, and her experiences in lockdown.

  • Resilience, Poverty, Relationship

    Episode 3

    Life can be messy! Patrick Regan speaks to Steven Ita about his life growing up in poverty and the effects it has had on his life.

  • Loss, Anger, Grace

    Episode 2

    Join Patrick Regan as he sits down with Wendy Grisham to have an honest conversation on being resilient, and bouncing forwards whilst going through some of life's toughest challenges.

  • In the Bleak Midwinter

    Episode 1

    Resilience is thriving in the midst of adversity. Patrick Regan introduces the series and how we can learn to bounce forward despite the difficulties we face.