A Moment With Kika

A Moment With Kika

30 Episodes

Kika Ashanike encourages you to not be the person who just wants to see results and manifestations but to enjoy God in the moments that seem slow.

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A Moment With Kika
  • Character and Testing

    Episode 25

    Good character is produced under pressure. Kika ponders on how we, like Job, are tested so that we can see more of God.

  • Storms v Impact

    Episode 26

    Kika asks us to consider how we deal with the impact of the storms in our life rather than focusing on just the storms themselves.

  • Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

    Episode 27

    Kika talks about the responsibility of healing and the challenge to not be complacent.

  • Say Yes to God's Calling

    Episode 28

    Let us give our best 'yes' to God's plan for us. Kika looks at the example of Mary as she says 'yes' to being the mother of Jesus.

  • What to Do in Tough Times

    Episode 29

    Kika thinks about the blueprint for how we should react when trouble comes towards us; stop, pause and fast.

  • Faithfully Fathered

    Episode 30

    God wants to provide for us. Kika shares about the faithfulness of God's fatherhood.