A Moment With Kika

A Moment With Kika

2 Seasons

Kika Ashanike encourages you to not be the person who just wants to see results and manifestations but to enjoy God in the moments that seem slow.

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A Moment With Kika
  • Misidentifying Seasons

    Episode 1

    Kika describes how we can recognise the different seasons of life when we are just planting, growing and supporting others, or when we are watering the seeds we have planted.

  • The Mysteries of God

    Episode 2

    We learn God's ways by searching for understanding. Kika ponders the how God speaks through mysteries.

  • Love Withholds

    Episode 3

    God always knows best. Kika reflects on how God answers our prayer requests in His timing and not ours.

  • Anointed Nos, Reserved Yes

    Episode 4

    Kika shares on the importance of sometimes saying no to requests and what it means for when we say yes to things.

  • God has Two Speeds

    Episode 5

    Kika looks at how God is meticulous, thorough, and not in a rush to bring something to pass.

  • God is Near to the Broken-hearted

    Episode 6

    God looks for things to salvage. Kika reflects on how God is nearest to us when we feel broken and in pain.

  • Our Attitude Whilst Waiting

    Episode 7

    Kika challenges us about our attitude towards God as we wait on His promises.

  • Honest Prayers are Answered Prayers

    Episode 8

    Kika encourages us to be honest in our prayers and get to the core of our issues.

  • The Crushing and The Anointing

    Episode 9

    Kika talks on why we need to go through the crushing to get God's anointing.

  • His Love is Permanent

    Episode 10

    Kika reflects on how our views on fatherhood is not what we experience with God and His permanent love.

  • When it Seems Like Nothing is Happening

    Episode 11

    God is always working behind the scenes. Kika looks at how God moves when we are waiting on a promise.

  • God Prunes Us Through Relationships

    Episode 12

    Kika asks how we can love God when we don't love our brothes and sisters, and shares how he uses people to make us look more like Him.

  • Joseph's Process

    Episode 13

    Kika looks at the story Joseph and encourages us that we are on right path with God's process.

  • Faith Watches the Road

    Episode 14

    Kika looks at how we can surrender our prayers to God rather than giving up after a long waiting period.

  • Called To Know God

    Episode 15

    Kika shares her desire for us to be intimate with God and be known by Him.

  • Experiencing Grace, Knowing God

    Episode 16

    Kika reminds us not to lean on our own strength, but to rely on God's grace.

  • Coming Out Head First

    Episode 17

    In a season of transition? Kika asks what do we do when we leave the wilderness and expect God for a harvest.

  • The God of Great Plans

    Episode 18

    Kika wants us to ask "What is God's plan?" instead of us asking "What is the plan?"

  • Jealousy, Envy and Comparison

    Episode 19

    Social media can be toxic. Kika ponders on the dangers of jealousy and envy when we compare ourselves with others on social media.

  • The Power of Little Obedience

    Episode 20

    God wants access to every part of our lives. Kika challenges us to allow God to be Lord of the little things in our lives.

  • The Blessings of Staying

    Episode 21

    What is the heart of Father God? Kika looks at the parable of the prodigal sons, and how we can know the character of God.

  • Trials Expand Our Capacity

    Episode 22

    Kika reflects on the stories of Joseph and Job and how we go through trials not for reward, but so that we can be stretched and increase our capacity.

  • God's Strength in our Greatest Weakness

    Episode 23

    Being vulnerable can be scary. Kika dares us to bare our weaknesses so that God can give us His strength.

  • Love Exposes to Heal

    Episode 24

    Kika looks at the story of the woman at the well and how God exposes what we want to keep hidden so as to bring healing rather than shame.