A Moment With Kika

A Moment With Kika

2 Seasons

Kika Ashanike encourages you to not be the person who just wants to see results and manifestations but to enjoy God in the moments that seem slow.

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A Moment With Kika
  • The Power Of Vision

    Episode 1

    Kika Ashanike reminds how God encouraged Abraham to have sight to possess the vision for him.

  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome

    Episode 2

    How do we deal with imposter syndrome as Christians? Kika unearths some biblical truths we can rely on.

  • Be a Steward of the Vision

    Episode 3

    Kika encourages us to question what are we called to do, and how are we called to do it?

  • Step Out In Faith

    Episode 4

    Kika dares us to step out in faith and trust in the God who called us.

  • Expect Opposition

    Episode 5

    Kiak reminds us how, like key Bible characters, we will face opposition when trying to fulfil God's vision.

  • The God Of Provision

    Episode 6

    Kika remindsus that God is the God of provision.

  • Identifying The Spirit Of Fear

    Episode 7

    Kika speaks out on what puts off believers from stepping out and achieving their calling.

  • Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

    Episode 8

    Kika reminds us that no matter what is happening in our lives, our first response should be love not fear.

  • Practical Steps To Overcoming Fear

    Episode 9

    Kika takes inspiration from David and Moses to help us face our fears.

  • Idenitfying Habitual Fear

    Episode 10

    Kika touches on the idea of residue, when God has set us free from something yet we think part of us are still bound.

  • Owning Your God-Given Boldness

    Episode 11

    Kika reminds us to not be intimidated or afraid because God has called us to do something.

  • Helping Others Get Free

    Episode 12

    When we overcome the spirit of fear, we can help others by telling our story.

  • Know Your God

    Episode 13

    Kika introduces a series of talks on unlocking miracles.

  • Position Yourself For A Miracle

    Episode 14

    Kika gives us a word about changing our posture into one of humility so that we can receive our miracle.

  • The Responsibility Of Faith

    Episode 15

    Kika looks at why, in the areas of our life that we are expecting a miracle, do we think it is easier to blame God than to ask Him for help.

  • Patience In Harvest

    Episode 16

    Kika shares on how we still need to develop the skill of patience even when God has provided the miracle we ask for.

  • Tell Your Story

    Episode 17

    Kika encourages us to share the ups and downs of our walk with God and really encourage others with our testimony.

  • Surrender The Weight Of Glory

    Episode 18

    Kika reminds us to give God the thanks for the miracles we have already received.

  • Confront and Accept

    Episode 19

    Kika talks about how we can overcome trauma.

  • Practice Gratitude

    Episode 20

    Kika gives us a key to overcoming trauma in our lives by being thankful to the God who keeps us through all our trials.

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 21

    After being abused and misunderstood it can be really hard to forgive. Kika asks us to allow ourselves to move on from trauma and into what God has for us.

  • Make a Decision and Move Forward

    Episode 22

    Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and find it difficult to move forward with our lives. Kika looks at the example of the crippled man being healed at the Pool of Bethesda.

  • Seek and You Will Find

    Episode 23

    Kika shares how we can experience healing from painful memories of the past with a God who walks with us hand in hand

  • Goodbyes Equal A New Hello

    Episode 24

    Kika shares how after God deals with our trauma, He doesn't leave us in that place, but takes us through to a new beginning.