Transformation Moments

Transformation Moments

3 Seasons

Join City Chapel Pastors Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede as they bring you daily devotionals that will transform and elevate your spiritual journey.

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Transformation Moments
  • It Starts With God

    Episode 1

    Jonathan Oloyede looks to God for our inspiration in becoming good leaders and good followers.

  • The Power Of Thought

    Episode 2

    Abbiih Oloyede identifies the thoughts that we should be conscious of that can impact our behaviour.

  • You Have Come To Serve Not Be Served

    Episode 3

    If we want to be a great leader we have to look to Jesus. Jonathan looks at how our desire towards serving affects our leadership.

  • Thought Intrusions

    Episode 4

    Abbiih reminds us that is normal to have negative intrusive thoughts but thankfully the Word of God can reframe our mind.

  • It Is About The Gospel Ultimately

    Episode 5

    Jonathan urges us not to be distracted by idols that take our focus away from God.

  • Junk Thoughts

    Episode 6

    Abbiih helps us to recognise thought intrusions that are no good for us.

  • Suffering

    Episode 7

    When perils and pain come our way, God is with us. Jonathan talks about the sensitive subject of suffering.

  • Sinful Thought Intrusions

    Episode 8

    Abbiih gives us some helpful suggestions of how we can deal with sinful thought instrusions.

  • Do Not Trust In People

    Episode 9

    Jonathan encourages us to put our trust in God rather than in things or people.

  • Peace of Mind

    Episode 10

    God offers us peace that passes all understanding! Abbiih reminds us that peace is available to us as a gift from God.

  • Have a Balanced Life

    Episode 11

    Jonathan reminds us that our job is not to save the world, but to serve the Lord.

  • Dealing with Stress

    Episode 12

    Abbiih looks at the different types of stress that we can encounter in our lives, and how we can manage it.

  • Character Is Key

    Episode 13

    Jonathan reflects on the power of character so that we can reflect Christ and His Kingdom well.

  • Meditation / Mindfullness

    Episode 14

    Abbiih focuses on our ability to concentrate on reflection and contemplation.

  • The Role of your Heart

    Episode 15

    Jonathan speaks on the importance of us being connected to the heart and mind of God.

  • How to Regulate your Emotions

    Episode 16

    Abbiih thinks about the critical role emotions have on how we live our lives.

  • Definitions of Leadership

    Episode 17

    Jonathan defines what it is that makes someone a strong leader.

  • Do I Need Therapy?

    Episode 18

    Do Christians need therapy? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us not to be in denial and to ask for help if we need it.

  • Called to Serve

    Episode 19

    Heaven's idea of leadership is quite different to the World's. Jonathan looks at the leadership style of Jesus.

  • Heal My Heart Lord!

    Episode 20

    Our heart is the engine room of our thought patterns. Abbiih speaks on the hardness of our hearts.

  • The Goal of Leadership

    Episode 21

    Jonathan teaches on the incentive that should be the focus for everyone of us involved in leadership and in ministry.

  • How to Forgive

    Episode 22

    Harbouring a grudge is never good for us. Abbiih reminds us that forgiveness should be part of our day-to-day life.

  • The Crowns

    Episode 23

    We should not be complacent in our faith. Jonathan speaks on the 5 crowns mentioned in the New Testament.

  • Steps to Forgiveness

    Episode 24

    Our emotions are important to God. Abbiih urges us to practice forgiveness by acknowledging the way we feel.