The Word: One to One

The Word: One to One

39 Episodes

Richard Borgonon goes through The Word One to One, a resource designed to walk you and your friends through the good news found in John's Gospel.

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The Word: One to One
  • True Glory

    Episode 25

    How does glory come about with the death of God’s Son? Richard Borgonon breaks down the reasons for Jesus’ death on the cross.

  • Question Time

    Episode 26

    Richard Borgonon explores Jesus’ responses to Peter’s questions about the timing of His death and resurrection.

  • Believing Changes Everything!

    Episode 27

    Anyone who has seen Jesus, has seen God the Father. Richard Borgonon talks us through Jesus’ own reminder to His disciples about who He really is.

  • Global Impact

    Episode 28

    Richard Borgonon explores Jesus’ plans to make the good news of the Gospel available for the whole world.

  • Jesus - The True Vine

    Episode 29

    What is our part in spreading the Word of God? Richard Borgonon studies the analogy of Jesus being the true vine.

  • What To Expect

    Episode 30

    How will the world respond to us as God’s people? Richard Borgonon shares why Christians may experience suffering and persecution during their lives.

  • The Holy Spirit's Work in the World

    Episode 31

    Why was it to the disciples advantage that Jesus went back to Father God in heaven? Richard Borgonon looks at the work of the Holy Spirit and the reasons for Him coming.

  • Deep Joy!

    Episode 32

    The disciples grief is promised to turn to joy when Jesus comes back to life. Richard Borgonon discusses why our joy cannot be taken away.

  • Jesus Prays

    Episode 33

    Jesus was in communion with God the Father continually. Richard Borgonon studies the prayer Jesus prayed before His trail and crucifixion.

  • Betrayal and Arrest

    Episode 34

    Jesus boldly declared who He was to the armed soldiers who came to arrest Him. Richard Borgonon also delves into Jesus’ response to the questioning before His death.

  • The Trial

    Episode 35

    Richard Borgonon talks us though the charges and allegations brought before Jesus and looks at the way Pontius Pilate responded.

  • Mission Accomplished!

    Episode 36

    Jesus was the ultimate sacrificial lamb of God. Richard Borgonon reads through the Crucifixion and unpacks the events that took place during the course of the punishment.

  • Can You Believe It?

    Episode 37

    Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen? Richard Borgonon takes us through the eye witness accounts of Jesus appearing to the disciples after his burial.

  • Feed The World

    Episode 38

    Jesus made breakfast for His disciples after being raised from the dead. Richard Borgonon explores Jesus final words to Simon Peter about feeding His sheep.

  • Using the Resource

    Episode 39

    Sharing the Gospel will set our faith on fire. Richard Borgonon talks about The Word One to One, a resource designed to walk us through John's Gospel.