The Word: One to One

The Word: One to One

39 Episodes

Richard Borgonon goes through The Word One to One, a resource designed to walk you and your friends through the good news found in John's Gospel.

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The Word: One to One
  • John's Overview

    Episode 1

    Richard Borgonon introduces the series and begins with looking at the famous passage of John chapter 1.

  • Warm Up Act for a Hero

    Episode 2

    Richard Borgonon sets the scene and we are introduced to John the Baptist and his role in making way for the Messiah.

  • The Hero We've Been Waiting For

    Episode 3

    Jesus is the lamb of God. Richard Borgonon talks about the beginning of the disciples’ journey with Jesus.

  • Jesus Arrives with a Bang!

    Episode 4

    What is significant about the way the book of John is written? Richard Borgonon delves into the first miracle Jesus performed; the water tuning into wine at the wedding at Cana.

  • Jesus in Action

    Episode 5

    What happens when Jesus is full of zeal? Richard Borgonon looks at the reasons why Jesus overturned the tables in the temple.

  • God's King Arrives

    Episode 6

    Richard Borgonon invites us to discover what the prophets say about the Messiah and the reactions of the people as they saw Jesus’ signs and wonders.

  • No Entry Except Through Jesus

    Episode 7

    While speaking to the Pharisee Nicodemus, Jesus explained salvation to us. Richard Borgonon unpacks why Jesus was sent to the earth.

  • An Amazing Offer

    Episode 8

    Richard Borgonon looks in depth at the gifts God gives us and the significance of the story of Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

  • Worship Revolution

    Episode 9

    What does God want? Richard Borgonon explores what it truly means to worship God wholeheartedly.

  • Responding to Jesus

    Episode 10

    Jesus shocked the disciples by speaking to people who were not deemed appropriate according to Jewish custom. Richard Borgonon shares why people, like the Samaritan woman, often became the strongest believers and evangelists.

  • God At Work

    Episode 11

    Richard Borgonon looks at why Jesus performed miracles on the Sabbath and how Jesus invites us to a place of rest and a relationship with Him.

  • Evidence that Demands a Verdict

    Episode 12

    Not everyone accepted Jesus as the Messiah. Richard Borgonon studies the language Jesus used to prove and give evidence of who He is.

  • Satisfaction

    Episode 13

    How does Jesus prepare us for what we really need? Richard Borgonon examines the parallels of God feeding His people on the way to the Promised Land, and Jesus feeding the five thousand.

  • Life
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Richard Borgonon looks again at the evidence for the identity of Jesus Christ, as the Jewish leaders question Him continually.

  • Mixed Responses

    Episode 15

    How did people react to Jesus and His message as the news spread about Him? Richard Borgonon also explores how Jesus responded to different people.

  • Who Jesus Is

    Episode 16

    Jesus had to answer more questions from the Jewish leaders about where He came from, Richard Borgonon shares what it means for people who reject Jesus as the Son of God.

  • The Light of the World

    Episode 17

    What does Jesus mean when He calls himself the light of the world? Richard Borgonon unpacks why John dedicates a whole chapter to Jesus healing a blind man.

  • Jesus - The Shepherd Who Calls His Sheep

    Episode 18

    Richard Borgonon looks at the significance of Jesus’ teaching about being the good shepherd and what qualifies us to be His sheep.

  • Jesus' Flock

    Episode 19

    When the religious leaders questioned if Jesus is the Messiah again, Jesus started talking about sheep again. Richard Borgonon delves into what it means to be a part of His flock.

  • The Death of Lazarus

    Episode 20

    Richard Borgonon sets the scene as Jesus heads out to raise Lazarus from the dead. Richard Borgonon invites us to discover the purpose of the miracle.

  • The Dead are Raised to Life!

    Episode 21

    Richard Borgonon takes a closer look at Jesus’ compassion and grief at the death of His friend, Lazarus, as this account reveals how much God loves us.

  • Life Comes Through Death

    Episode 22

    Mary knew who Jesus was and poured out an Alabaster jar of perfume on His feet. Richard Borgonon unpacks the underlying meaning behind this act of precious worship.

  • Why Jesus Must Die

    Episode 23

    The very reason the Son of God came to the earth was to save us from sin. Richard Borgonon looks at the claims Jesus made about His death.

  • The Need to be Washed

    Episode 24

    Why was it so shocking that Jesus washed His disciple’s feet? Richard Borgonon reveals why we all need to be washed by Jesus to be saved.