TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring

TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring

2 Seasons

This series will take you on a journey around the word PURPOSE. God is the originator of purpose and in the awareness of His presence we can begin to birth our purpose, with a life of pursuit.

TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring
  • Perspectives

    Episode 1

    Paul Manwaring introduces himself and the series inviting us to explore and change the way we think about life-work-faith and be transformed from glory to glory.

  • Overcoming Regret, Fear & Shame

    Episode 2

    Everyone has a past, a present and a future. Paul Manwaring speaks about the Gospel and how now, we can rejoice that Jesus has defeated the enemy, so we can have a victorious future.

  • The Power of Testimony

    Episode 3

    Paul Manwaring sits down with Dave Harvey and Chuck Parry, from Bethel Church, who share some incredible testimonies of healing, as well as prophecies coming to fruition.

  • Glory

    Episode 4

    We sing about it and we all fall short of it. Paul Manwaring explores what 'glory' is and how we are created for God's glory.

  • Kisses from a Good God

    Episode 5

    How can we raise our eyes above the problem? Paul Manwaring shares his personal testimony of healing from cancer.

  • The Goodness of God

    Episode 6

    Paul Manwaring talks to his friends, Luke and Claire Christian-Farnham, about the goodness of God in the midst of heartbreaking tragedy.

  • Divine Tension

    Episode 7

    Paul Manwaring sits down with R.T. Kendall and discusses how Jesus is one hundred percent God, and one hundred percent human at the same time.

  • Beauty

    Episode 8

    What is beauty? Paul Manwaring examines the Psalms and how beauty is not shallow and temporary, but it is living in the presence of God that continually touches our soul.

  • Glory & Beauty

    Episode 9

    Paul Manwaring talks to Fraser Bell about going on an journey of discovery to explore God's beauty and glory, to inspire creativity in our lives.

  • Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 1

    Episode 10

    Paul Manwaring speaks about what God taught him during his fifteen years in senior ministry in Bethel Church (Redding, California).

  • Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 2

    Episode 11

    Paul Manwaring chats to Soo Prince about her testimony, finding her identity in Christ and experience of spiritual breakthrough.

  • Did You Get What You Came For? - Part 3

    Episode 12

    What happens when God interrupts your life? Paul Manwaring talks to David Chambers about being faithful despite not always wanting to do what God wants.