TBN Presents: Matt Summerfield

TBN Presents: Matt Summerfield

5 Episodes

Great news! God intentionally created you to partner with Him to make a unique difference in His world. In this series, we'll explore what the Bible has to say about your true identity and purpose, and how that understanding will help you fully embrace your very best life with God.

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TBN Presents: Matt Summerfield
  • This Is Your Moment


    The Bible cuts through the clamour of our culture and presents some breathtakingly good news about our true identity. What happens when truly believe this?

  • This Is Your Moment - part 2

    Episode 2

    If we're going to live our best life with God, stepping into our true purpose with Him, then we need to have a great understanding of the authority He has given us to make a difference in the world.

  • This Is Your Moment - part 3

    Episode 3

    Pastor Matt continues the series on identity and authority and explores what we should now do and where should we start.

  • God Is With Us

    Episode 4

    Pastor Matt looks at four important words from the Christmas message: God is with us.

  • Don't Be Afraid

    Episode 5

    Pastor Matt looks at some more important words from the Christmas story that are relevant today: Don't Be Afraid.