TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara

TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara

2 Seasons

What do you do when God speaks? Sometimes there is a response that takes place from the hearer, this will determine His promise coming to fruition at the appointed time. These talks encourage us to consider the strategy to help create an atmosphere that is conducive to the promise.

TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara
  • When God Speaks: Why It May Tarry!

    Episode 1

    God does not lie! Keeth Bandara reads from the books of Ezra, Isaiah and Jeremiah and looks at how prophetic words from God come to fruition.

  • When God Speaks: He Moves Your Heart!

    Episode 2

    When God speaks, He is committed to His word and what He promised over our life. Keeth Bandara encourages us to be ready to act on what God has said.

  • When God Speaks: Hands Weaken!

    Episode 3

    When opposition arises, how can we continue to grow in our relationship with God and produce fruit? Keeth Bandara delves deeper into the book of Ezra.

  • When God Speaks: He Expects Progress!

    Episode 4

    God's purpose for us is to grow in faith. Keeth Bandara reminds us that God's intention is for us to progress when He speaks to us.

  • When God Speaks: Take Your Place

    Episode 5

    Do we forget to put into action what God says? Keeth Bandara looks at the story of Joshua and how God wants us to move forward.