TBN Presents: Dave Smith

TBN Presents: Dave Smith

4 Episodes

Dave Smith, senior pastor of Kingsgate Church, teaches on ‘living the dream’- this series will transform you and help you to discover how to live out God’s great purpose for your life.

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TBN Presents: Dave Smith
  • Living The Dream: God's Great Purpose

    Episode 1

    Dave Smith challenges us to live out God's vision for our life, taking an in depth look at the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis.

  • Living the Dream: Preparation for Purpose

    Episode 2

    Pastor Dave continues his series on Joseph by looking at the theme of how we can prepare for the fulfillment of our dreams and visions.

  • Living The Dream: Promotion for Purpose

    Episode 3

    God wants to bless the world through us. Dave Smith explores how we can we be elevated in the world and have favour with God.

  • Living The Dream: Provision For Purpose

    Episode 4

    It can be hard to keep our integrity while in leadership. Dave Smith encourages us to learn from Joseph's life as someone who finishes their ministry well.