TBN Presents: Chlo Glassborow

TBN Presents: Chlo Glassborow

2 Seasons

Join Chlo Glassborow from Catch The Fire London, as she shares with you inspiring and life changing talks on encountering the fullness of God and then finding who we are in Him.

TBN Presents: Chlo Glassborow
  • Releasing The River

    Episode 1

    How can we tap into the limitless supply of God's presence? Join Chlo Glassborow as she looks at how we can carry Jesus with us wherever we go.

  • Exploring The Prophetic

    Episode 2

    How can we hear and share the thoughts of God? Chlo Glassborow speaks about how prophecy should begin with love.

  • God's Promises

    Episode 3

    The Bible is full of God's promises. Chlo Glassborow encourages us that all of His promises are 'Yes and Amen'.

  • It's Time For Expansion

    Episode 4

    Breakthrough comes through worship and learning who God is. Chlo Glassborow invites us to trust God and dream big!

  • Ministering The Power Of The Spirit

    Episode 5

    Want to walk in miracles, signs and wonders? Chlo Glassborow shares testimony and scripture that invites us to live a life like Jesus did.

  • Living In The Sprit

    Episode 6

    Feel like we are fighting a spiritual battle? Chlo Glassborow shares an incredible testimony about a near death experience and how she lead someone to the Lord just moments before.