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TBN Meets - where faith meets culture. Hear from Christian ministries, innovators, authors, artists and creatives.

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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Rev Celia Apeagyei

    Episode 26

    Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Celia Apeagyei Collins, Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation.

  • TBN Meets Tim Jupp

    Episode 27

    Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Celia Apeagyei Collins, Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation.

  • TBN Meets O'Neil Dennis

    Episode 28

    Genelle Aldred Meets O’Neil Dennis, Chief Editor for aStepFWD and Founder of the UK Christian Chart.

  • TBN Meets Phil Loose

    Episode 29

    Genelle Aldred Meets Phil Loose, the managing director of Integrity music Europe, one of the biggest Christian music labels in the world.

  • TBN Meets Karl Faase

    Episode 30

    Emily Martin Meets Karl Faase. Host of Jesus The Game Changer, and the CEO of Olive Tree Media, an organisation producing programmes for Christian media and the local church.

  • TBN Meets Jimmy and Fez

    Episode 31

    Genelle Aldred Meets Jimmy James, Music Producer, Song Writer, and Musician. Along with Feranmi Oguns, Founder of OL Creative.

  • TBN Meets Mark Bowater and Loretta Andrews

    Episode 32

    Genelle Aldred Meets Mark Bowater senior manager of marketing & creative at integrity music, and Loretta Andrews, Music Manager and Artist Development Coach.

  • TBN Meets Noel Robinson

    Episode 33

    Genelle Aldred Meets Noel Robinson, international worship leader, songwriter, producer and the founder of the Kingdom Worship movement.

  • TBN Meets William McDowell

    Episode 34

    Emily Martin Meets Pastor William McDowell, a gifted teacher and world-renowned worship leader whose songs have changed the global landscape of worship music.

  • TBN Meet Beverly Murrill

    Episode 36

    Genelle Aldred Meets Beverly Murrill, co-lead of the ministry of Christian Growth International.

  • TBN Meets Paul Harcourt

    Episode 37

    Genelle Aldred Meets Paul Harcourt, National Leader of New Wine and vicar at All Saints Woodford Wells.

  • TBN Meets Paul Baloche

    Episode 38

    Emily Martin Meets Paul Baloche, music artist, worship leader, and singer-songwriter. Talking about his new single 'Behold Him'.

  • TBN Meets Naomi Graham/ Lucy Peppiatt

    Episode 39

    Genelle Aldred Meets Naomi Graham, the CEO and founder of Growing Hope. Along with Dr Lucy Peppiatt, the Principal of Westminster Theological Centre

  • TBN Meets Lis Goddard

    Episode 40

    Genelle Aldred Meets Rev Lis Goddard, Vicar of St James the Less in Pimlico, Westminster.

  • TBN Meets William Porter

    Episode 41

    Genelle Aldred Meets William Porter, an accomplished solicitor and author, and heads up the UK Houses of Prayer network.

  • TBN Meets Alexandra McDonald

    Episode 42

    Genelle Aldred Meets Alexandra McDonald, the Commercial Director of SPCK Publishing, the largest Christian publisher in the UK.

  • TBN Meets Bill Wilson

    Genelle Aldred Meets Bill Wilson, the founder and Senior Pastor of Metro World Child, America's largest ministry to children with branches all around the world.