Take the Lead

Take the Lead

8 Episodes

This series will broaden your view on leadership practicalities with insight from Rev Celia Apeagyei.

Take the Lead
  • Character and Competence

    Episode 1

    Rev Celia Apeagyei introduces the series and invites us to discover God's agenda for our life.

  • Leadership and Character

    Episode 2

    Join Rev Celia Apeagyei and Dr Sharon Stone as they sit down together and discuss how we can adopt a Christlike character.

  • Leadership Competencies

    Episode 3

    Rev Celia Apeagyei is joined by Adeyinka Adewale to talk about how God builds us up for leadership and influence.

  • Effective Leadership

    Episode 4

    Rev Celia Apeagyei teaches on influence, effectiveness and power.

  • What Shall We Do With Millennials?

    Episode 5

    Join Celia Apeagyei as she looks into the Millennial Generation and how generations can work together to ensure we lead well.

  • The Millennial Generation

    Episode 6

    Celia Apeagyei talks to Abi Jarvis and Apostle Elijah Chanack as they discuss how we can train and develop the Millennial Generation to be Godly leaders.

  • Elijah, Where is Your Elisha?

    Episode 7

    Celia Apeagyei reads from the book of Kings, teaching from the example of the prophet Elijah mentoring Elisha, so he could carry on God's plan for the next generation.

  • Mentoring and Millennials

    Episode 8

    Celia Apeagyei talks to Andy Hancock and Brenda Anang-Tagoe about why we need to be coaching and mentoring the next generation.