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11 Episodes

02 Jan - The Fear of the Lord - with Florence Joseph

Season 2023 Episode 1 12m

Florence brings a word of encouragement for the beginning of the new year!

09 Jan - One Way - with Graham Ormiston

Season 2023 Episode 2 7m

Why is Christianity is offensive to our culture? Graham Ormiston reminds us of the truth that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

16 Jan - Praise - with Mayomi Anuwe

Season 2023 Episode 3 7m

When we praise God, it shifts our focus and brings joy and hope to our lives. Mayomi brings an encouragement to enter into the presence of God.

23 Jan - Psalm 23 - with Chifonne David

Season 2023 Episode 4 9m

King David knew full well what it took to look after a flock of sheep. Chifonne invites us to explore Psalm 23 together and look at how Jesus is a good shepherd for our lives.

30 Jan - Hypocrisy - with Graham Ormiston

Season 2023 Episode 5 9m

It's in our nature to lie, sin, and pretend to be something we're not. Graham gives us five top tips to avoid being a hypocrite.

06 Feb - The God Who Sees - with Florence Joseph

Season 2023 Episode 6 8m

Florence Joseph speaks on understanding God as the God who sees us and who also saves us.

13 Feb - Holy - with Daniel Burke

Season 2023 Episode 7 9m

Ever considered the meaning of the word 'Holy'? Daniel Burke unpacks passages from the book of Revelation.

20 Feb - Show us the Father - with Mayomi Anuwe

Season 2023 Episode 8 9m

Mayomi Anuwe reminds us how Jesus is the way the truth and the life and how we can renew our mind to recognise God as our Father.

27 Feb - My Shepherd - with Michael D' Cunha

Season 2023 Episode 9 7m

What are we anxious about? The word of God is an anchor for us, enabling us to be focused when we feel fearful. Michael D' Cunha walks us through Psalm 23.

07 Mar - Oil of Joy - with Florence Joseph

Season 2023 Episode 10 10m

Florence Joseph jumps into the subject of joy and shares how an outpouring of the joy of the Lord can bring healing and abundance in people's lives.

13 Mar - Living Sacrifice - with Mclaren Lewis

Season 2023 Episode 11 7m

Do we conform to the patterns of this world? Mclaren Lewis teaches on what it means to be a living sacrifice for God.

52 Episodes

03 Jan - Grace Outpouring

Season 2022 Episode 1 10m

Florence speaks on the topic of grace, and how we can open our hearts to this outpouring of Jesus' mercy, love, wisdom and power.

10 Jan - Word of the Lord for 2022 - with Dr Sharon Stone

Season 2022 Episode 2 47m

Dr Sharon Stone presents a prophetic word entitled "What's Up in 2022". Courtesy of

17 Jan - The Face of Christ

Season 2022 Episode 3 8m

Richard explains the TBN UK mission with an encouragment from 2 Corinthians.

24 Jan - Awakeining a Longing to Contribute

Season 2022 Episode 4 9m

Richard prays for our nation to be like the church in Macedonia (as described in 2 Cor 8:1-2), receiving the Holy Spirit's gift of longing to contribute.

31 Jan - Making Grace Come To Us

Season 2022 Episode 5 8m

Richard continues the teaching on God's abundant grace by looking at 2 Corinthians 9.

7 Feb - Mind the Gap

Season 2022 Episode 6 11m

Florence reflect on how we manage the gap between our prayers and God's answer to prayer.

14 Feb - Bread of Life behind the door of every house

Season 2022 Episode 7 8m

Richard reminds us to be spiritually feeding on Jesus and to help others in doing so.

21 Feb - Opportunity for households to feed on the Bread of Life

Season 2022 Episode 8 9m

Richard reminds partners of how their support is enabling viewers to spiritually feed on God's Word.

28 Feb - True Riches

Season 2022 Episode 9 11m

Graham talks to us about what true riches are - the riches that Christ offers to His followers.

7 Mar - Living Stones

Season 2022 Episode 10 10m

Florence share on how we are all living stones, positioned by God to support one another as the body of Christ.

14 Mar - Ukraine

Season 2022 Episode 11 13m

Richard contemplates on our attitude towards God during times of war.

21 Mar - Watch Yourselves

Season 2022 Episode 12 9m

Richard warns us to be constantly aware of what we are welcoming into our minds and our homes.

28 Mar - Why Do You Have Hope?

Season 2022 Episode 13 10m

Graham encourages us to rely on the hope that we have in Christ during troubled times.

4 Apr - Via Dolorosa

Season 2022 Episode 14 9m

Florence shares encouraging scriptures that we can lean on during times of suffering.

11 Apr - Desires of the Heart

Season 2022 Episode 15 9m

Richard asks us the important question: Do we want God to answer the desires of our heart or the desires of His heart?

18 Apr - Keep Hope Alive

Season 2022 Episode 16 12m

Mayomi reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus's resurrection.

25 Apr - Forgive, Then Feed and Water Your Enemy

Season 2022 Episode 17 9m

Richard shares a testimony about forgiving our enemies.

2 May - The Joy of Jesus

Season 2022 Episode 18 10m

Florence shares how we can experience more of Christ's joy in our lives to sustain us through dark times.

9 May - Financial Results of Walking with Jesus

Season 2022 Episode 19 7m

Richard shares how by walking with Jesus, He has been working to close the massive gap between TBNUK's income and broadcasting expenditure.

16 May - Serving God, Serving Ukraine

Season 2022 Episode 20 4m

Maria reports from her recent trip to the Poland-Ukraine border.

23 May - Don't Quit! Rest

Season 2022 Episode 21 9m

Deanna encourages to press on with the task in hand and not allow ourselves to become burntout or despondent.

30 May - The Work of Christ

Season 2022 Episode 22 12m

Mayomi looks at 7 miracles that Jesus performed and asks how we can do the work of Christ today.

6 Jun - The Peacekeeper

Season 2022 Episode 23 11m

Florence reminds us of the gift of supernatural peace and the benefits it brings.

13 Jun - Walking with God

Season 2022 Episode 24 11m

Richard looks at examples of walking with God.

20 Jun - The Power of Words

Season 2022 Episode 25 8m

Our words reflect what is in our hearts. Taylor explains that our hearts must be changed by God in order to bring life to others through communication.

27 Jun - Hide or Seek

Season 2022 Episode 26 9m

Graham looks at the examples of Jonah and Daniel as an encouragement for when things seem impossible for God to bring about His plans.

4 July - You Anoint My Head

Season 2022 Episode 27 10m

Florence looks at the significance of the anointing we receive from the Holy Spirit.

11 July - Walking With God, part 2

Season 2022 Episode 28 9m

Richard looks at the example of Elijah as a demonstration for how to walk with God.

18 July - Run the Race Unhindered

Season 2022 Episode 29 8m

Deanna brings a message on the importance of repentance.

25 July - Divine Direction

Season 2022 Episode 30 10m

Mayomi lays out six steps we can take to walk with divine direction.

1 Aug - Perspectives

Season 2022 Episode 31 10m

Florence encourages us to consider other people's perspectives in polarising issues and to take into account God's perspective.

8 Aug - Walking With God, part 3

Season 2022 Episode 32 9m

Richard concludes the series of talks on what it means to walk with God by looking at the example of Jesus as a demonstration.

15 Aug - Missing the Mark

Season 2022 Episode 33 9m

What happens we get things wrong? Taylor helps us to understand what it means to stand in Jesus' place because He stood in ours.

22 Aug - In Whatever Situation

Season 2022 Episode 34 9m

Graham speaks into the cost of living crisis and how, as Christians, we can react.

29 Aug - He Lifts Our Heads

Season 2022 Episode 35 5m

Deanna reminds us that even in the darkest of nights, God meets us and brings His light.

5 Sep - Strengthening Our Grip

Season 2022 Episode 36 11m

Florence speaks on how we can be more heavenly-minded to shift the atmosphere around us.

12 Sep - A Prayer of Thanks for the Life of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Season 2022 Episode 37 5m

Richard leads us in a prayer of praise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's life of servanthood, followed by a tribute to how she followed the example of Jesus.

19 Sep - The Queen, An Oak of Righteousness

Season 2022 Episode 38 8m

Graham reflects on the life of HM Queen Elizabeth II and how she has glorified God with her faithful service.

26 Sep - Open to Change

Season 2022 Episode 39 7m

Taylor speaks on how we can appreciate our never-changing God.

3 Oct - Stay Connected

Season 2022 Episode 40 11m

Florence looks at the most important reason that leaders get derailed

10 Oct - Hope in the Midst of the Crisis

Season 2022 Episode 41 10m

Maria shares an update on the war in Ukraine and how we can take inspiration from the Ukrainian people.

17 Oct - The Greatest Commandment

Season 2022 Episode 42 9m

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. Graham Ormiston explores how we should plan for the results we want when presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

24 Oct - Declarations of Rosh Hashanah

Season 2022 Episode 43 10m

Machelle Joseph speaks prophetically over our current political and economic state as a nation.

31st Oct - Praise and Thanksgiving

Season 2022 Episode 44 11m

It is so important to remind ourselves of God's goodness in the mornings. Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade shares how we can effectively engage in praise and thanksgiving, each and every day.

7 Nov - We Are Family

Season 2022 Episode 45 10m

Florence reflects on what it means to be family with our Christian brothers and sisters.

14 Nov - Introducing our new online platform: Grow with TBNUK

Season 2022 Episode 46 9m

Graham shares about the importance for Christians to pay attention to the gains of spiritual training, and explains the new TBNUK online community platform:

21 Nov - Let Jesus Use Your Boat

Season 2022 Episode 47 8m

How can we serve the Lord? Mayomi Anuwe encourages us to play to our strengths for the kingdom of God.

28 Nov - Grow in Grace

Season 2022 Episode 48 10m

Graham speaks on the importance of grace and how we can grow as Christians having received this gift from God.

5 Dec - Light In The Darkness

Season 2022 Episode 49 10m

Florence encourages us to look up to God to find hope when times are dark.

12 Dec - Born Again

Season 2022 Episode 50 11m

Graham looks at the results of the recent census and what it means to be a born-again Christian.

19 Dec - The Fulfilment of the Promise

Season 2022 Episode 51 8m

Through Jesus Christ, God fulfilled his promise to Adam and Eve. Rachel Kerr delves deeper into the Christmas story and how Joseph handled the problem of Herod.

26 Dec - Beautiful Restoration

Season 2022 Episode 52 11m

How do we trust God even when the future looks bleak? Graham reads from Jeremiah 32 and shares a message of encouragement.

52 Episodes

04 Jan - Knowledge of the Glory of God

Season 2021 Episode 1 9m

Richard Fleming welcomes in the New Year with a word about the river of living water we have in Christ.

11 Jan - Establish and Prosper

Season 2021 Episode 2 11m

Richard Fleming brings to our attention the promises of success God gives us in the book of Proverbs.

18 Jan - Prophetic Word for 2021 with Dr Sharon Stone

Season 2021 Episode 3 27m

Dr Sharon Stone shares a heartfelt prophetic message for the new year ahead.

25 Jan - Igniting a Conversation with God

Season 2021 Episode 4 10m

What is our response to the word of the Lord? Richard Fleming reminds us that God wants us to walk and talk with Him.

01 Feb - Partnership Update

Season 2021 Episode 5 12m

Richard Fleming shares the statistics for the donations TBN UK received over the last year. We also take a look at the budget for the year ahead.

8 Feb - Sowing with a View to Righteousness

Season 2021 Episode 6 9m

How do we gain favour from God? Richard Fleming explains how we cultivate a crop of restored blessing.

15 Feb - Jesus our Lifeline

Season 2021 Episode 7 8m

Richard Fleming reflects on a testimony we received from a viewer, reminding us of why we continue with our outreach everyday.

22 Feb - Treasure in Archives

Season 2021 Episode 8 9m

God has powerful influence. Richard Fleming looks at how God uses leaders to make decisions for His glory.

1 Mar - Spiritual Profit

Season 2021 Episode 9 10m

We are anointed to share the Gospel. Richard Fleming outlines the biblical principles of giving and receiving.

8 Mar - The Profit is Fruit

Season 2021 Episode 10 9m

Richard Fleming unpacks more on the spiritual profit and harvest of righteousness we can cultivate in Christ.

15 Mar - Guile of Gibeonites

Season 2021 Episode 11 7m

From the book of Joshua, Richard Fleming shares how obedience is key to victory.

22 Mar - There is Nothing Without You

Season 2021 Episode 12 10m

Without God there is nothing to look forward to. Richard Fleming reflects on the lyrics of '100 Billion X' by Hillsong United.

29 Mar - Wisdom is Justified and Vindicated by her Deeds

Season 2021 Episode 13 10m

Richard Fleming explains how we should not be arrogant in our own knowledge, but instead receive spiritual wisdom from God.

5 Apr - You’ve Got Keys!

Season 2021 Episode 14 9m

Florence explores how we can, as Christians, live supernaturally like Christ.

12 Apr - Compassion Not Sacrifice

Season 2021 Episode 15 11m

God desires compassion for those in distress. Richard Fleming looks at how we can live supernaturally like Christ.

19 Apr - The Truth Behind Explosive Parables

Season 2021 Episode 16 9m

Why did Jesus speak in parables? Richard Fleming explores the significance of Jesus teaching using stories.

26 Apr - The Other Jesus and Another Gospel

Season 2021 Episode 17 10m

Richard Fleming brings to our attention the ways the Devil imitates Jesus to distract us from the true Gospel.

3 May - Pain in the Offering

Season 2021 Episode 18 9m

God looks at our heart when we give. Florence shares a message from the account of the widow's mite.

10 May - Four Resources for Growth in Grace and Knowledge

Season 2021 Episode 19 7m

How do we establish spiritual maturity? Richard Fleming teaches us how we can stand against false teaching.

17 May - What are You Afraid of?

Season 2021 Episode 20 10m

Graham Ormiston explores how the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

24-May - The Power of Reconciliation

Season 2021 Episode 21 10m

An alter is a place of sacrifice, Mayomi Anuwe challenges us with a word on reconciliation.

31-May - Meet the Leadership Team

Season 2021 Episode 22 7m

Richard introduces the team who you've been meeting on Partner Time

7 June - Companioning the King

Season 2021 Episode 23 9m

What does it look like to abide in God's love? Florence reminds us Jesus loves to just be present with us.

14 June - Hospitality to Travelling Missionaries

Season 2021 Episode 24 10m

TBN UK welcomes ministers from all over the world through its doors. Richard Fleming explains the importance of hospitality.

21 June - Do You Know Christ At All?

Season 2021 Episode 25 11m

Richard Fleming encourages us to asses our faith and question if we really do imitate Christ in our everyday life.

28 June - A True Vision of Jesus Changes Everything

Season 2021 Episode 26 10m

What is our vision of Christ? Richard Fleming compares how the apostles Stephen and Saul (who became Paul) viewed Christ.

5 July - What's In Your Hand?

Season 2021 Episode 27 9m

God gave each of us creativity. Florence encourages us to use our forgotten gifts and talents for God's glory.

12 July - Strategies Contained in the Glory

Season 2021 Episode 28 10m

Richard Fleming delves into the story of Paul and looks at how his experience of being shipwrecked resulted in the Gospel being spread far and wide.

19 July - Multiple Dimensions of His Glory

Season 2021 Episode 29 10m

Richard Fleming continues to delve deeper into Paul's journey to spread the Gospel and his trip to Rome.

26 July - Hidden Things in the Glory

Season 2021 Episode 30 9m

Richard Fleming speaks on the promises of God that come to pass when nations repents of sin.

2 Aug - Times and Seasons

Season 2021 Episode 31 10m

We always have enough time for everything in God's eyes. Florence Joseph imparts a word on how we are designed for needing times of continuity, change and transition.

9 Aug - Knock Out Scripture

Season 2021 Episode 32 11m

Richard explains how the verse of Matthew 11:30 can speak to us each time we feel frustrated with our burdens. Partner with TBN UK

16 Aug - In your going, your journey, your way

Season 2021 Episode 33 10m

Richard explains how we can take Christ's yoke, learn from Him, and follow Him as a disciple.

Aug 23 - Come to Me, Learn from Me, Follow Me, and Be Obedient to Me

Season 2021 Episode 34 10m

Jesus promises that His yolk is easy. Richard Fleming takes a closer look at following Jesus wholeheartedly.

30th Aug - Courage in the Face of Opposition

Season 2021 Episode 35 9m

We serve a God who is bigger than anything. Mayomi Anuwe challenges us to bring all our circumstances before God.

6 Sep - Receiving and Giving

Season 2021 Episode 36 10m

Florence reminds us about the importance of serving, using the example of Jesus from Luke 22:27

13 Sep - The Intimacy in Generosity

Season 2021 Episode 37 12m

Richard shares on how like King David, being obedient to God's word releases a generosity in giving to build God’s Temple today.

20 Sep - Generational Power in Generosity

Season 2021 Episode 38 9m

This week we take a closer look at what the grace of generosity unlocks for the future of iur children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in the same as way how Kind David partnered with God.

27 Sep - The Most Generous Heart That Walked the Earth

Season 2021 Episode 39 10m

Richard continues the series on generosity by looking at how Jesus is the most generous, being prepared to die on the cross so that the world could be saved.

4 Oct - Friendship with God

Season 2021 Episode 40 10m

Florence invites us to go after and experience the intimacy of friendship with God.

11 Oct - Digital Evangelistic Seed Sowing

Season 2021 Episode 41 11m

Richard shares on how the impact of digital media is turning people into hearing the truth of the gospel.

18 Oct - Being Christ's Companion

Season 2021 Episode 42 16m

Richard looks at the truths of what it means to be called a companion of Christ and leads us in Communion.

25 Oct - The King of Glory Walking and Talking Today

Season 2021 Episode 43 9m

Richard looks at how the Lord walks into and talks into our everyday situations no matter how challenging they are.

1 Nov - The Power of Agreement

Season 2021 Episode 44 10m

Florence looks at what we accomplish by working together in agreement with God.

8 Nov - Sovereignty

Season 2021 Episode 45 10m

Richard Fleming looks at the sovereignty of God and His right to do all things, and us as candidates to receive his sovereign gift.

15 Nov - You shall be Holy for I am Holy, Jesus

Season 2021 Episode 46 10m

Richard teaches on 1 Peter 1:15-16 - and what an important mission it is for us all to share the message that humankind can be made holy through the sovereign gift of grace.

22 Nov - Choosing the way to Life

Season 2021 Episode 47 8m

Richard talks about making the right choices in the moment of trial and temptation, and avoid listening to our own desires.

29 Nov - Finding God in the Secret Place

Season 2021 Episode 48 11m

Richard addresses the young and old in the Lord who have sought and are seeking to meet with the Lord in His secret place, so that they can find Him when they search for Him.

6 Dec - Courage Runs Deep

Season 2021 Episode 49 10m

We don’t know what 2022 will bring, but we are encouraged to confidently expect the Lord. He is coming – powerfully, strongly – to touch our lives, our families, our nation and the nations of the earth. Florence encourages us to be strong and courageous, and to continue to press in and press on.

13 Dec - Living For Today

Season 2021 Episode 50 6m

Graham Ormiston encourages us to not worry but trust our future in God.

20 Dec - Humility, Involvement, and Courage

Season 2021 Episode 51 9m

Patrick Regan looks at three key words associated with the Christmas story.

27 Dec - Thank You

Season 2021 Episode 52 10m

Mayomi looks back all that God has achieved in 2021 and the impact Jesus is having in this nation.

52 Episodes

6 Jan - Vision and Purpose - An Introduction

Season 2020 Episode 1 10m

God has a plan for 2020. Richard Fleming brings encouragement for the year ahead and the beginning of a new decade.

13 Jan - Vision and Purpose - Part 1

Season 2020 Episode 2 9m

Are we ready for a new direction and focus this year? Richard Fleming shares a word and a prayer for the next generation and children.

20 Jan - Vision and Purpose - Part 2

Season 2020 Episode 3 8m

Richard Fleming looks at how partnership brings anointing, fellowship and greater intimacy in our relationship with God.

27 Jan - Vision and Purpose - Part 3

Season 2020 Episode 4 9m

God's ways are higher than our ways. Richard Fleming challenges us to appreciate how God can do abundantly more than we ever imagined.

3 Feb - Vision and Purpose - Part 4

Season 2020 Episode 5 10m

What can we use as seed? Richard Fleming speaks on receiving bread to eat and seed from God that can be sown.

10 Feb - Vision and Purpose - Part 5

Season 2020 Episode 6 11m

God sees us! Richard Fleming explores how God takes us, lifts us up and leads us.

17 Feb - Vision and Purpose - Part 6

Season 2020 Episode 7 11m

Richard Fleming looks at how Jesus teaches us to have the right mindset for our destiny.

24 Feb - Vision and Purpose - Part 7

Season 2020 Episode 8 12m

Remember the feeding of the 5000? Richard Fleming reminds us that God given vision requires miraculous intervention at times!

2 Mar - Vision and Purpose - Part 8

Season 2020 Episode 9 11m

The Lord multiplies what we have in our hand when we offer it to him. Richard Fleming, reads from the book of Kings and looks at the miracle of the widow who's jar of oil was multiplied.

9 Mar - Vision and Purpose - Part 9

Season 2020 Episode 10 10m

Do we really listen to God? Richard Fleming looks at what happens when we step out of God's anointing and provision.

16 Mar - Dr Sharon Stone

Season 2020 Episode 11 11m

Dr Sharon Stone gives a prophetic message about the Coronavirus.

23 Mar - Daniel Chand

Season 2020 Episode 12 4m

Daniel Chand encourages us to overcome the Spirit of Fear in this Coronavirus pandemic.

30 Mar - Providential Care - Part 1

Season 2020 Episode 13 8m

Richard Fleming delves into the topic of God's divine care and kindness for us, as His children.

6 Apr - Providential Care - Part 2

Season 2020 Episode 14 6m

Ready to receive a blessing? Richard Fleming prays through Ephesians 6:13 as a blessing of God's perfect providential care.

13 Apr - Providential Care - Part 3

Season 2020 Episode 15 11m

Richard Fleming looks at the difference between being earthly minded and heavenly minded.

20 Apr - Providential Care - Part 4

Season 2020 Episode 16 9m

Richard Fleming reveals how God has provided exponentially for TBN UK to be on Sky and Freeview over the years.

27 Apr - Providential Care - Part 5

Season 2020 Episode 17 11m

God knows the heart of every person who sows into His kingdom. Richard Fleming explains how God desires to continually replenish us and multiply what we sow.

4 May - Providential Care - Part 6

Season 2020 Episode 18 10m

Richard Fleming delves into the story of Cornelius and how Jesus responded to him and his household.

11 May - Providential Care - Part 7

Season 2020 Episode 19 10m

Is believing in God a risk? Richard Fleming reviews a sermon from Spurgeon looking at the life of Joseph in the old testament.

18 May - Watchmen on the Wall

Season 2020 Episode 20 8m

Are you willing to stand and fight for the Gospel in your nation? Richard Fleming shares a word on spiritual timing and temperament.

25 May - David Jeremiah

Season 2020 Episode 21 4m

Dr David Jeremiah presents a reading from his book 'Shelter In God'.

1 Jun - Not Fearing the Worldly Outcome of Economies Crashing

Season 2020 Episode 22 8m

We can always be thankful to God for all he has done and is doing. Richard Fleming encourages us that we do not need to fear for the economy when we trust in God.

8 Jun - Why Native Born to the Light?

Season 2020 Episode 23 10m

We are called to carry the light of Jesus to the world. Richard Fleming shares how we can be fruitful and be a complete contrast to a darkness of the world.

15 Jun - Injustice and Discrimination in the Workplace

Season 2020 Episode 24 13m

Richard Fleming reflects on how we can change our perception on speaking out on injustice and discrimination.

22 Jun - Walking Into Greater Dimensions of His Glory

Season 2020 Episode 25 9m

Ready for a revelation of Glory? Richard Fleming invites us to discover the vastness of the glory of God.

29 Jun - Hold Fast Count Upon His Faithfulness

Season 2020 Episode 26 9m

Want to know Jesus more? Richard Fleming explores how when we enter place on intimacy with Jesus, we can enter His rest.

6 Jul - China for Christ, the Faithfulness of God

Season 2020 Episode 27 9m

Richard Fleming looks at Hudson Taylor's approach to faith for reaching China with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

13 Jul - Our Inheritance is Changed Through Jesus

Season 2020 Episode 28 7m

What does it mean to be children of God? Richard Fleming explains how our inheritance in Christ changes from condemnation to sonship!

20 Jul - Christ’s Matchless Grace

Season 2020 Episode 29 8m

God's grace is amazing. Richard Fleming shares a message on how God knits us together as believers by His grace.

27 Jul - New Mindset for a New Day and a New Way

Season 2020 Episode 30 7m

Are we seeking God afresh each day? Richard Fleming encourages us to remain close to God and be obedient to His call on our life.

3 Aug - Graces to Overcome Conferred on the Apostolic

Season 2020 Episode 31 10m

Jesus commanded us to spread the Gospel across the world. Richard Fleming shares TBN UK's mission statement with us.

10 Aug - Generosity Proves the Sincerity of Love

Season 2020 Episode 32 8m

Generosity is a natural result of God's love. Richard Fleming explains how we have free access to God's perfect grace love and generosity.

17 Aug - Our Victory in Christ

Season 2020 Episode 33 8m

We have the victory in Christ Jesus! Richard Fleming shares the update on the battle TBN UK face against HMRC.

24 Aug - The Rhema Word: Deliverance from Injustice

Season 2020 Episode 34 6m

Jesus loves to release His glory over us. Richard Fleming explores the promises of salvation God has for us.

31 Aug - Gazing Upon the Face of Christ Jesus

Season 2020 Episode 35 11m

Richard Fleming explores the scriptures that challenges us to be full of joy when going though endurance and patience.

7 Sep - Jesus Invites a Review of Your Prayer Needs with Him

Season 2020 Episode 36 5m

Need prayer? Richard Fleming looks at how we can pray in alignment with God's will.

14 Sep - This is Our Miracle Working JESUS in Action

Season 2020 Episode 37 10m

Jesus can multiply the seeds we sow. Richard Fleming invites us to discover how we can increase our harvest of righteousness.

21 Sep - Releasing the Power of Humility

Season 2020 Episode 38 8m

Humility leads us to knowing the truth. Richard Fleming looks at the difference between true wisdom and superficial wisdom.

28 Sep - Jesus, Doing Things Even Greater Than These

Season 2020 Episode 39 9m

Jesus is the light of the world. Richard Fleming reveals what happens when we shine for Jesus.

5 Oct - Jesus: If You Believe, You Will Do The Things I Do

Season 2020 Episode 40 9m

How can we become more like Jesus? Richard Fleming explains how if we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will do what God wants.

12 Oct - Amazing Grace on the Black Keys

Season 2020 Episode 41 11m

We are all connected by God's amazing grace. Richard Fleming shares a clip of the song Amazing Grace sung by Wintley Phipps.

19 Oct - First Six Month's Donations.

Season 2020 Episode 42 9m

Richard Fleming gives an update on donations to TBN UK over the year.

26 Oct - There is a Day and a Way; a Time and Season

Season 2020 Episode 43 8m

There is time for everything. Richard Fleming shares what God is doing during this time and season at TBN UK despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

02 Nov - Prison Ministry

Season 2020 Episode 44 9m

Richard Fleming shares how we can play our part in reaching prisons with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the UK.

9 Nov - Nia-Cerise Conteh: Wage the Good Warfare

Season 2020 Episode 45 6m

Nia-Cerise Conteh challenges us to use the prophecy that has been spoken over our life as a weapon when we are in spiritual warfare.

16 Nov - A Call to Partnership

Season 2020 Episode 46 8m

Richard Fleming encourages viewers to consider partnership with TBN UK.

23 Nov - Kingdom Transfer Price

Season 2020 Episode 47 9m

Jesus offered us the ultimate transfer for us into the kingdom of God. Richard Fleming explores the priceless benefits only God can deliver.

30 Nov - The Rights and Protection of Minors.

Season 2020 Episode 48 9m

Hear a message from JCTV highlighting the case of Arzoo Raja and other minors in Pakistan.

7 Dec - Obtaining Your Inheritance

Season 2020 Episode 49 11m

As sons and daughters of God, we have an inheritance. Richard Fleming looks at the bountiful resources God promises us.

14 Dec - Riding in High Places

Season 2020 Episode 50 10m

Richard Fleming reveals God's vision for us to be fruitful and fly like an eagle on His wings in the supernatural.

21 Dec - Rain From Heaven

Season 2020 Episode 51 10m

Let righteousness germinate! Richard Fleming shares how God pours down supernatural rain for us from heaven to grow and produce fruit.

28 Dec - Planted By Living Waters

Season 2020 Episode 52 11m

Richard Fleming explores how we are like trees that spread out roots to drink in God's rain from heaven.