God's Appointed Times

Series 2 Seasons 17 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Episode 7

Season 2 Episode 7 28m Sun 19 May 19:30

Episode 7.

Episode 6

Season 2 Episode 6 28m Fri 17 May 00:30

Episode 6.

Episode 5

Season 2 Episode 5 28m Sun 05 May 19:30

Episode 5.

Episode 4

Season 2 Episode 4 28m Sun 28 Apr 19:30

Episode 4.

13 Episodes

Episode 2

Season 1 Episode 2 30m Sun 10 Dec 02:30

Episode 2.

Rosh Hashanah with Chad Mattson

Season 1 Episode 2 30m Thu 07 Dec 21:30

In this segment, Rabbi Jason engages with Chad Mattson, the lead vocalist of "Unspoken," to explore the significance of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Rabbi Jason illuminates how this holiday can serve as a spiritual awakening, unveiling God's promise of transformation in our lives.

Episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1 30m Sun 03 Dec 02:30

Episode 1.

The Month of Elul with Guest Warryn Campbell

Season 1 Episode 1 30m Fri 01 Dec 08:30

In this episode, Rabbi Jason delves into "Elul," the month preceding the Jewish New Year on the biblical calendar. Joining him is Warryn Campbell, a respected pastor and renowned figure in the music industry. Together, they engage in a thorough discussion that reveals how the biblical holidays form a cycle connecting us with history.

Episode 9

Season 1 Episode 9 30m Thu 30 Nov 21:30

Episode 9.

Episode 8

Season 1 Episode 8 30m Sat 25 Nov 19:30

Episode 8.

Additional Celebrations with Guest Rich Garza

Season 1 Episode 8 30m Thu 23 Nov 21:30

In the final episode, Rabbi Jason is joined by Rich Garza, an NBA chaplain. Together, they engage in a fascinating discussion about three distinct biblical celebrations and their interconnectedness. Rabbi Jason illustrates the importance of integrating both the old and the new, emphasizing how this comprehensive approach sharpens our understanding of scripture and enables us to fully embrace our spiritual inheritance.

Episode 7

Season 1 Episode 7 30m Sun 19 Nov 02:30

Episode 7.

Sukkot with Guest Shawn Bolz

Season 1 Episode 7 30m Thu 16 Nov 21:30

In the second part of our exploration of Sukkot, prophetic minister and media personality Shawn Bolz joins the show. Rabbi Jason guides Shawn through a detailed examination of Sukkot, demonstrating how this biblical holiday helps us recognize the manifestation of God's presence in the world around us.

Episode 6

Season 1 Episode 6 30m Sun 12 Nov 02:30

Episode 6.

Sukkot with Guest Nathaniel Buzolic

Season 1 Episode 6 30m Thu 09 Nov 21:30

Famed actor Nate Buzolic joins Rabbi Jason in a deep dive into the biblical holiday of Sukkot. This celebration focuses on God's provision and protection. Rabbi Jason skilfully connects ancient traditions to contemporary experiences, illustrating how the same provision and protection that the Israelites received in the desert remain accessible to us in modern times.

Episode 5

Season 1 Episode 5 30m Sun 05 Nov 02:30

Episode 5.

Yom Kippur (Part 2) with Guest Jonathan Cahn

Season 1 Episode 5 30m Thu 02 Nov 21:30

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn rejoins Rabbi Jason Sobel in the studio, where they continue their exploration of Yom Kippur. Together, they delve into the profound lessons this significant biblical holiday offers about the power and importance of radical forgiveness.