Capernaum and Galilee

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8 Episodes

Living Water

The story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the well is a significant and radical event in the Bible. Rabbi Jason Sobel explores the history between the Samaritans and the Jews and they way in which Jesus communicates God's heart for true worship.

Jesus and The Pharisees

Understanding the Pharisees gives us deeper understanding of Jesus conversation with Nicodemus in the Bible. Rabbi Jason Sobel explores the sects and teachings of the day and looks at the way Jesus interacts with them.

Jesus the Great Physician

Jason Sobel delves into the complex cultural expectations surrounding leprosy in Jesus' day, and the incredible compassion Christ had for those in pain and suffering.

Marriage Feast of the Lamb

Rabbi Jason Sobel delves into the meaning of 'Marriage Feast of the Lamb' and the significance of Jesus performing his first miracle at the wedding feast at Cana.

Following Yeshua

Rabbi Jason unpacks Peter’s encounter with Jesus on the shore of Galilee and what becoming a disciple truly meant to a first century believer.

Praying the Schema

Rabbi Jason Sobel answers the question of whether Jesus was really a carpenter; while delving into the mystery of the “Schema” and the importance of Unity; Oneness; and embracing the kingdom like a child.

The Importance of Shabbat

Every week Jews celebrate Shabbat or the Sabbath once a week. Rabbi Jason Sobel looks at how Christians can also refresh our souls by resting and spending time with God.

Capernaum and Galilee

Rabbi Jason explores the prophetic significance of Capernaum and Galilee while focusing on Mary Magdalene’s deliverance as a picture of Jesus’ intimate concern for our lives.

7 Episodes


Join Rabbi Jason Sobel as he takes us into the prayer lives of the disciples and Jesus, and shows us the importance of praying like they did. Rabbi Jason also helps us understand the Lord's powerful sacrifice of the incarnation and how it unquestionably demonstrates His love for us.


Did Jesus really break the Jewish law of Shabbat? Rabbi Jason Sobel goes deeper into why the religious leaders shown in The Chosen were so angry with Jesus and accused him of breaking the law.


Rabbi Jason Sobel shows how far Jesus will go to reach those trapped in pain, shame, and destructive tendencies. He explains the important connection between John the Baptist and Elijah, and how you can truly be the salt of the earth.

The Perfect Opportunity

Rabbi Jason Sobel unveils the connection between the man at the pool of Bethesda, the children of Israel wandering in the dessert, and the current victim-mentality of many people. Rabbi Jason describes how the Living Water promised by Messiah is still available for all people today.

Matthew 4:24

Join Rabbi Jason Sobel at the disciple’s campfire as he helps us discover how the Torah points to Jesus as Messiah. Rabbi Jason explains how the dietary instructions in the Torah are examples of how, even today, something a routine as eating can be an act of worship and obedience.

I Saw You

Will what we build for God stand? Rabbi Jason Sobel unveils how Messiah Jesus sees us in our lowest moments like He saw Nathaniel under the fig tree. And yet Nathaniel’s failure was foundational for his future.


Rabbi Jason Sobel reveals the power of the testimony of John’s gospel to the world and in his own life. He opens the Torah and uncovers the power of Messiah in the creation story and how Jesus overcomes chaos and restores order.