Take the Lead

Series 1 Season 8 Episodes

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8 Episodes

Character and Competence

Season 1 Episode 1 29m

Rev Celia Apeagyei introduces the series and invites us to discover God's agenda for our life.

Leadership and Character

Season 1 Episode 2 30m

Join Rev Celia Apeagyei and Dr Sharon Stone as they sit down together and discuss how we can adopt a Christlike character.

Leadership Competencies

Season 1 Episode 3 30m

Rev Celia Apeagyei is joined by Adeyinka Adewale to talk about how God builds us up for leadership and influence.

Effective Leadership

Season 1 Episode 4 27m

Rev Celia Apeagyei teaches on influence, effectiveness and power.

What Shall We Do With Millennials?

Season 1 Episode 5 31m

Join Celia Apeagyei as she looks into the Millennial Generation and how generations can work together to ensure we lead well.

The Millennial Generation

Season 1 Episode 6 29m

Celia Apeagyei talks to Abi Jarvis and Apostle Elijah Chanack as they discuss how we can train and develop the Millennial Generation to be Godly leaders.

Elijah, Where is Your Elisha?

Season 1 Episode 7 30m

Celia Apeagyei reads from the book of Kings, teaching from the example of the prophet Elijah mentoring Elisha, so he could carry on God's plan for the next generation.

Mentoring and Millennials

Season 1 Episode 8 30m

Celia Apeagyei talks to Andy Hancock and Brenda Anang-Tagoe about why we need to be coaching and mentoring the next generation.