Face Your Fears with the Moores

Snakes and Heights

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

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10 Episodes


Despite a haunting experience 12 years ago, Mike and Savannah load the kids into a river raft to see if– together– they can work through their bad memories with trusted friends-turned-river guides… and prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

Rock Climbing

Jirah faces one of her biggest fears from the past: Rockclimbing! Will she and her brothers and sister be able to conquer the vertical peak?


The Moores tackle one of their scariest challenges ever: moving far away. This challenge is filled with lots of unknowns, and lots of tears. This is surely the most personal episode yet!


Even Jer and Noah discover a love for rollercoasters… but not Sophia. Will God answer her prayers and give her the strength she needs to ride?


When the family's idyllic picnic is disrupted, the family treks out to face their fear of bees among HUNDREDS of hives!

The Ocean

Mike and Savannah take Jirah and Sophia out on the open waters, but things definitely do not go as planned.


Eight legs… creepy… crawly… and today they are crawling all over the Moores!

Dark Caves and Snakes

Today, we face our fear of the dark as we head to the beach to check out some crazy dark caves! Later, we'll head up a mountain for some nighttime ATV adventures!

Heights and Dark Caves

We’re taking to the sky to help Sophia and Jira (but mostly Sophia!) overcome her fear of heights! This adventure was so intense we had to leave the boys at home.

Snakes and Heights

Today we visit a local reptile house to face our fears of reptiles-- but mostly just snakes! The boys are really excited about this adventure… the girls, not so much!