A Time of Re-Calibration

Season 2 Episode 1 27m

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5 Episodes

The Cultivating a God consciousness

Alan looks at ways to grow our faith, recognising that God is all around us.

The Triumph of the Cross of Christ

Alan Scotland focuses on the beauty of what Jesus accomplished for humanity.

Possessing courage in testing times

Alan Scotland talks about how we can find courage through Christ being for us, when everything is working against you.

My Intimate Forever Friend

Pastor Alan teaches on how we should think of God as our genuine friend, particularly in times of brokeness in our society.

A Time of Re-Calibration

Alan Scotland, founder of Lifelink Global, preaches on John 17 - Jesus praying to be glorified, Jesus praying for his disciples, and Jesus praying for all believers.

2 Episodes

The Tale of Two Worlds

On earth, we love to measure and quantify time. Alan Scotland explores how the spiritual dimension collides with our earthly world.

Catching the Heart of God

God is interested in developing our fullness and bringing us to maturity. Alan Scotland shares how God opens our eyes to His discipline and direction.