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Series 2 Seasons 11 Episodes

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6 Episodes

Having A Correct Identity

Season 2 Episode 1 23m

Pastor Andy Elmes starts a new series looking at good foundations of truth in the life of a believer.

Being a Kingdom-Minded People

Season 2 Episode 2 23m

Pastor Andy looks at another keystone truth in the heart of a believer: how we can be Kingdom-conscious

The Starting Point of a Believer

Season 2 Episode 3 24m

Pastor Andy looks at the key concept of what is the starting block for our race in life?

Oneness With God

Season 2 Episode 4 24m

Andy Elmes teaches on the oneness we can know with God in our relationship with Him.

Effective Prayer Lives

Season 2 Episode 5 24m

Pastor Andy looks at how we can have a healthy prayer lilfe.

Called to Multiply

Season 2 Episode 6 25m

Andy concludes the current series on good foundations by focusing on God's plan for multiplication.

5 Episodes

The Importance Of Good Foundations

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

Pastor Andy Elmes introduces a new 5-part series considering the importance of good foundations in our lives, and the biblical truths for us to build upon.

Building On What God Has Made New

Season 1 Episode 2 26m

Pastor Andy continues the series on good foundations by looking at how we build our lives on the truths of God's word.

Saved By Grace

Season 1 Episode 3 26m

Pastor Andy looks at another keystone truth that we need to keep as a bedrock in our lives: a person is saved by grace alone.

Justifield by Faith

Season 1 Episode 4 27m

Andy Elmes continues the series on keystone truths that should be strong in our belief system: a person is justified - made right in the sight of God by God - through faith alone.

Connecting with God through Faith

Season 1 Episode 5 29m

Andy concludes the series on good foundations by looking at how the keystone of faith.