Christmas, What’s it All About?

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

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4 Episodes

How To Handle Debt and Savings

Get debt free! Pay off the credit cards, loans and start saving. We can rebuild our budget and learn how to get money to work for us!

Finances and Budgeting

Looking at 3 critical aspects of budgeting and managing money, Dr John Kirkby teaches us how to be trustworthy with money, simplify our finances, and be in control of our money.

How Do I Do What I Need To Do?

Don't panic! Dr John Kirkby is here to calm the craziness of Christmas spending and debts, with biblical principles and wisdom.

Christmas, What’s it All About?

Dr John Kirkby opens the series by introducing the biblical foundation for Jesus being the reason for the season, and talking about how he experienced first hand the crippling effect of poor money management.