Revival Ready

Revival Ready

16 Episodes

Steve Uppall, takes us through a journey of Rethinking the Kingdom. Revival Ready seeks to explore Discipleship, what it means to follow Christ and the Church, and how to plant missional communities where you are.

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Revival Ready
  • Revival Ready

    Episode 1

    Pastor Steve Uppal explores revival, where it came from and how we have evolved to be where we are now.

  • Heaven On Earth

    Episode 2

    Steve and his guests look at ‘Heaven on Earth’ to awaken your thirst for God and creating a hunger for a genuine transforming revival.

  • Revival & Prayer

    Episode 3

    Steve and his guests discuss the pathway to revival and how prayer is the key.

  • Revival & Consecration

    Episode 4

    Steve and his guests focus on revival and consecration, the pathway to revival, and how prayer is the key

  • Revival & Reformation

    Episode 5

    Steve and guests explore the topics of both revival and reformation - how they are connected and how they differ.

  • Fear Of The Lord

    Episode 6

    Steve Uppal and his guests focus on how we should have fear and respect for God, and how that relates to revival.

  • Clash Of Kingdoms

    Episode 7

    Steve and his guests discuss the tension between God's Kingdom and the powers that oppose it, with regards to our lives, our relationships and our world.

  • The King

    Episode 8

    Steve and his guests tackle the subject of Jesus as the King of Kings.

  • Kingdom Come

    Episode 9

    Steve Uppal and guests explore the Kingdom of Heaven coming into our lives and through into the world around us.

  • Follow Me

    Episode 10

    Steve Uppal and his guest discuss how we can be sent out to make new disciples.

  • Spirit Filled

    Episode 11

    Steve and his guests discuss how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and lead lives led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Supernatural

    Episode 12

    Steve and his guests explore the subject of the supernatural relationship with a dynamic God.

  • Make Disciples

    Episode 13

    Steve and his guests focus on how we obey the great commission to go and make disciples.

  • New Wineskin

    Episode 14

    Steve Uppal and his friends discuss wrestling with the new rhythms of Christian life and church post-pandemic and lockdowns.

  • Unless The Lord Builds

    Episode 15

    Are we really seeking to build the kingdom of God? Steve Uppal and his guests discuss ways in which we can seek God and the will for His church.

  • Kingdom Community

    Episode 16

    How is the church defined? Steve Uppal and his friends explore what we can do as Christians to impact our community with God's love.