Revival Ready

Revival Ready

2 Seasons

Steve Uppall, takes us through a journey of Rethinking the Kingdom. Revival Ready seeks to explore Discipleship, what it means to follow Christ and the Church, and how to plant missional communities where you are.

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Revival Ready
  • Stories

    Episode 1

    Steve and Esther Uppal speak to pastors Lawrence Neisent and Anne Calver about the Holy Spirit awakening our reality that God is at work in our lives.

  • Discerning the Times

    Episode 2

    God has an expectation for us to be following Jesus' example. Steve and Esther have a great conversation with Lawrence Neisent and Akhtar Shah with about interpreting the signs and times in the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray in the Spirit

    Episode 3

    Desire intimacy with the Holy Spirit? Steve and Esther Uppal speak with Daniel Harman and Catherine Horton about what it means to pray in the Spirit and engage with God.

  • Pray the Scriptures

    Episode 4

    Steve and Esther chat with the guests about why we should use scripture in our prayer time.

  • Understanding Kingdom

    Episode 5

    We are called to set our minds on things of heaven. Steve and Esther discuss what it means to be a part of the spiritual realm with Daniel Harman and Lawrence Neisent.

  • The Fivefold Ministry

    Episode 6

    Steve and Esther invite their guests for a conversation about the five gifts to the church: the aposotolic, the prophetic, the evangelist, the shephard, and the teacher.

  • Jesus as King

    Episode 7

    Many people accept Jesus as saviour but not always as King. Steve and Esther Uppal talk with Anne Calver and Akhtar Shah.

  • But Seek First the Kingdom of God

    Episode 8

    What do we value? Steve and Esther Uppal speak with Mark Pugh and Rick Kaul as they invite us to put God first in all things.

  • Kingdom Advance

    Episode 9

    Esther and Steve Uppal discuss obeying the great commission with Josh Howard and about being empowered to do what Jesus called us to do around the world.

  • Rest
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Jesus told us to find rest in Him. Steve and Esther Uppal talk with Jonathan Horsfall and Sarah Kaul about planning time regularly to rest and spend time with God.

  • Fix Your Eyes

    Episode 11

    Steve and Esther Uppal discuss with Rick and Sarah Kaul what it means to keep our focus on the Lord and set our hearts towards Jesus.

  • Creating History with God

    Episode 12

    Prayers that we pray in private are so important. Steve and Esther Uppal talk with Jane Urquhart and Jonathan Horsfall about cultivating a habit to spend time alone with God.

  • Pray with Others

    Episode 13

    What is significant about praying with other Christians? Steve and Esther Uppal discuss the importance of prayer with Clive Urquhart and Catherine Horton.

  • Person of Peace

    Episode 14

    God wants to do extraordinary things through ordinary people. Steve and Esther Uppal speak to Josh Howard about what it means to be a person of peace in this world of chaos.

  • Redefining Church

    Episode 15

    The Church is in the beginnings of reforming, reshaping and redefining. Steve and Esther dig deeper into this subject with their guests to determine what this means for the Church today.

  • The True Nature of Church

    Episode 16

    Steve and Esther Uppal talk with Clive and Jane Urquhart about the original plan Jesus had for His Church and how we can genuinely share love and grace with each other.

  • Belong
    Episode 17


    Episode 17

    Steve and Esther ask their guests, "What does it mean to belong to a church family and a community of believers?" and they discuss how that affects our relationship with Christ.

  • Individual Faith vs Community

    Episode 18

    Why should we meet with other Christians? Steve and Esther Uppal have a conversation with Henry and Rachael Ita about journeying in our faith alone or working out our salvation with other believers.