Power Evangelism

Power Evangelism

4 Episodes

In this series, Robby Dawkins teaches how to step out and pray for the sick, what opposition you may face and how to overcome it. He will also be taking these practical steps to the streets of London.

Power Evangelism
  • Learning How To Heal People - part 1

    Episode 1

    Robby Dawkins introduces the series and shares his journey of growing in his faith and healing ministry. He takes prayer to the streets with his team, touching lives with the love of God.

  • Learning How To Heal People - part 2

    Episode 2

    What happens when the Holy Spirit comes? Robby Dawkins teaches more on how the Holy Spirit brings comfort and removes fear. The team also demonstrate the supernatural power of God on the streets of London.

  • Learning How To Heal People - part 3

    Episode 3

    Robby Dawkins teaches on praying with expectancy and authority for the sick to be healed. Robby takes the team out in London again to pray blessing on people.

  • Words of Knowledge

    Episode 4

    How can we approach people with God's love? Robby Dawkins teaches on the ways God communicates with us and how we can listen out for words of knowledge and wisdom to encourage others.