Making Disciples

Making Disciples

8 Episodes

Elevating the conversation around discipleship and spiritual formation. This course unpacks the user’s strengths and gifts and ultimately helps people grow and develop as disciples of Jesus.

Making Disciples
  • A Mind That is Holy and Pleasing

    Episode 1

    Pastor Cris Rogers introduces the course and invites us to become apprentices and followers of Jesus Christ, submitting ourselves to the will of God.

  • A Heart of Flesh

    Episode 2

    Do you find there is a disconnect between Jesus' life and our own life? Cris Rogers looks at how we can allow the Word of God to shape our hearts.

  • Your Hands are Not Your Own

    Episode 3

    Do you want to live out the life and ministry of Jesus in your everyday life? Cris Rogers encourages us that, as disciples, we can be equipped to do this.

  • Learning and Remembering Together

    Episode 4

    What is the antidote to stubbornness? Cris Rogers looks at how the church can be a place where wounded people can come together for healing and be reconnected to God.

  • Impacting Our World

    Episode 5

    What is our mission? Cris Rogers explores how Jesus made an atom changing impact on the world through is life, death and resurrection.

  • Being People Who Do What We Believe

    Episode 6

    Who do you want to be? Cris Rogers explains that we need to make a conscious decision to follow Jesus and be planted in the Word of God.

  • Follow and Copy

    Episode 7

    How do we pick up our cross and follow Jesus? Cris Rogers teaches us what it looks like to be a radical disciple for Jesus Christ.

  • Heart That is Healed

    Episode 8

    Cris Rogers takes a closer look at how the Holy Spirit heals our hearts, and transforms us to be on fire for the Lord.