Israel Unveiled

Israel Unveiled

6 Episodes

A journey of discovery through Israel as Loyiso Bala seeks to unveil the biblical truth found in Israel's archaeology, science, technology and the culture of its people.

Israel Unveiled
  • City Of David

    Episode 1

    Loyiso Bala invites you to join him on his journey to walk the footsteps of the people in the Bible in Israel, starting in the City of David.

  • The Old City

    Episode 2

    Loyiso Bala meets singer and song writer Birgitta Veksler as he continues his journey of discovery in Israel.

  • Around the Sea of Galilee

    Episode 3

    Loyiso Bala continues his journey through Israel, visiting Save a Child's Heart hospital, a famous restaurant by the Sea of Galilee and gets baptised in the River Jordan.

  • Archaeology in Israel

    Episode 4

    Walking in the footsteps of the Messiah, Loyiso Bala explores the incredible excavations revealed in Israel that give us incredible insight to the places Jesus would have lived, worked and ministered.

  • The Garden Tomb

    Episode 5

    Loyiso Bala discovers peace at The Garden Tomb, believed to be where Jesus rose from the dead. Loyiso also speaks to Eric Shaw who is exploring innovative ways to increase their water supply to Israel using new technology.

  • Tel Aviv

    Episode 6

    Join Loyiso Bala on the final chapter of his journey of discovery, learning about the incredible 3D printing technology and innovation, that is saving lives, going on in Tel Aviv. Loyiso speaks to Sivan Ya'ari about Innovation Africa as well as catching up with rapper and record producer, Sublimi...