I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

3 Seasons

Join Senior Leader of Catch the Fire London, Chlo Glassborow, for prophetic preaching, worship and prayers that will elevate your faith and life.

I Believe with Chlo Glassborow
  • Miracles - Part 1

    Episode 1

    Chlo Glassborow shares her incredible testimony of healing with us and encourages us to believe that miracles DO happen today!

  • Miracles - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Worship is our warfare. Chlo Glassborow releases testimonies of miracles and reminds us how Jesus is behind every single miracle that happens!

  • Miracles - Part 3

    Episode 3

    Miracles can happen anywhere, even in cafes and restaurants! Chlo Glassborow is joined with her husband Stu and they speak to Steve Long who is senior pastor at Catch the Fire in Toronto.

  • Miracles - Part 4

    Episode 4

    God is moving! Expect healing and miracles as Chlo Glassborow and Steve Tebb minister in worship together.

  • Holy Spirit - Part 1

    Episode 5

    Pastor Chlo explores what it means to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and minister to us and understanding its power and the presence.

  • Holy Spirit - Part 2

    Episode 6

    Chlo and Stu Glassborow discuss with John and Carol Arnott about how we can develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirt.

  • Holy Spirit - Part 3

    Episode 7

    Stu and Chlo Glassborow continue their conversation with John and Carol Arnott about the power of the Holy Spirit and their journey ministering with Catch The Fire.

  • Holy Spirit - Part 4

    Episode 8

    Ready to worship? Chlo Glassborow invites us to enter into what is already happening in heaven and tap into God's transforming presence.

  • The Prophetic - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Chlo Glassborow looks at the prophetic journey of how we can hear from God and give it away to others.

  • The Prophetic - Part 2

    Episode 10

    Chlo Glassborow looks at what it means to the take the prophetic out on to the streets - so that we can take Jesus with us wherever we go.

  • The Prophetic - Part 3

    Episode 11

    Chlo and Stu Glassborow speak to Steve Witt, senior leader at Bethel Cleveland, about the topic of the prophetic.

  • The Prophetic - Part 4

    Episode 12

    Chlo is joined by Steve Tebb, worship leader at Catch the Fire London, for a time of prophetic worship and prayer.

  • Faith - Part 1

    Episode 13

    Chlo Glassborow looks at what it's like to live a lifestyle walking hand-in-hand with Jesus and how that affects our outflow.

  • Faith - Part 2

    Episode 14

    Chlo looks at faith from the point of view of how we walk our journey with the Lord, remaining in belief.

  • Faith - Part 3

    Episode 15

    Chlo and Stu speak to Bishop Joseph Garlington to discuss the difference between faith and belief.

  • Faith - Part 4

    Episode 16

    Chlo is joined by Steve Tebb to look at worshipping Jesus by having faith activated.