Honesty Over Silence

Honesty Over Silence

10 Episodes

Patrick Regan OBE interviews inspiring people who tell their story with honesty and vulnerability, they look at Bible verses often taken out of context and talk about faith in the midst of suffering.

Honesty Over Silence
  • Dez Brown

    Episode 1

    Patrick Regan OBE interviews Dez Brown who opens up about his incredible journey from crime to Christ and living out his new found faith, while in prison.

  • Colette Allen

    Episode 2

    Patrick Regan sits down with Colette Allen shares her journey of faith and how she got through devastating news about her baby.

  • Les Isaac

    Episode 3

    Patrick Regan discusses with Les Isaac the challenging topics of racism, culture clash and prejudice and the impact that has on people.

  • Sharon Newson

    Episode 4

    Sharon Newson opens up to Patrick Regan about going on a journey of healing after being bullied and overcoming an eating disorder.

  • Claire Musters

    Episode 5

    Patrick Regan talks to Claire Musters about how God brought restoration to her marriage and rebuilt their ministry.

  • Sheridan Voysey

    Episode 6

    Sheridan Voysey shares with Patrick Regan the struggles of trying to start a family and finding breakthrough in his life.

  • Rachael Newham

    Episode 7

    Patrick Regan chats to Rachael Newham about experiencing severe panic attacks and self harm and how God brought hope and restoration to her life.

  • Robert Dixon

    Episode 8

    Robert Dixon speaks to Patrick Regan about how God called him from working in banking, to working with troubled children in Jamaica.

  • Cathy Madavan

    Episode 9

    Patrick Regan sits down with Cathy Madavan who shares about her challenging life experiences and becoming fruitful instead of successful in life.

  • Diane Regan

    Episode 10

    Patrick Regan sits down with his wife Diane and talk about the many family and health challenges they faced together and how God brought them to set up their charity, Kintsugi Hope.