Hillsong Kids

Hillsong Kids

39 Episodes

Join the Hillsong UK Kids Team for Bible stories, prayer, fun games, songs and crafts all designed to help children build a foundation of faith.

Hillsong Kids
  • Written On My Heart

    Episode 25

    In the same way the Monica the Monkey knows the jungle so well, the gang realise we need to know our Bible verse so that we know God really well.

  • We Are Family

    Episode 26

    Antonio, Jorden and Miriam have their family photo taken - as part of God's family.

  • I Love My Church

    Episode 27

    The HSK gang discuss designing wedding dresses and how the church is like the bride of Christ.

  • Standing Together

    Episode 28

    Antonio and Miriam look after Jorden when he's sick and demonstrate how the Church body stand together.

  • Planted

    Episode 29

    The gang take care of a house plant and learn the importance of good roots.

  • Down to Earth

    Episode 30

    The guys build a rocket to try and get to heaven but learn Jesus came down from heaven to meet with us.

  • Walk This Way

    Episode 31

    Hillsong Kids adventure into space where they learn they need to follow Jesus' example to stay safe.

  • Been There Done That

    Episode 32

    Jorden, Antonio and Mims discover moon cheese, meteor showers, and what is was like for Jesus to become human.

  • Impossible Is Nothing

    Episode 33

    Mims, Jorden and Gabby conduct experiments in their science lab but learn that nothing is impossible for God.

  • Miracle Maker

    Episode 34

    The gang take part in more crazy experiments in the science lab and are reminded of parables of Jesus.

  • Dead End

    Episode 35

    The gang struggle with their experiments in the laboratory but learn to expect the unexpected with God.

  • Told You So

    Episode 36

    Mims and Gabby plan a birthday suprise for Jorden, taking inspiration from God's perfect plan for Jesus to come into this world.

  • The Cross Road

    Episode 37

    The gang realise the only way into their castle is like Jesus being the only way into heaven.

  • King Of Kings

    Episode 38

    Mims learn how to be a good queen by following Jesus' example.

  • Jesus Is The King Of Kings

    Episode 39

    The gang travel to visit Dawn and learn about Jesus along the way.