Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

8 Episodes

Keys to Health, Wholeness & Fruitfulness: This course will equip you with a clear, straightforward understanding of the Biblical principles for wholeness, health and healing.

Freedom in Christ
  • Created For A Purpose

    Episode 1

    Steve Goss, Dr Mary Wren and Dr Ifeoma Monye introduce the series with real questions from real people and take a look at world views compared to what the Bible says.

  • Spirituallty Alive

    Episode 2

    Steve Goss discusses what it means to be a redeemed, resorted child of God living in an unredeemed, unrestored world.

  • Sound Mind

    Episode 3

    Dr Ifeoma Monye delves deeper into our thinking and mind, explaining that the mind is not the same thing as our brain, but they work together in harmony.

  • Healthy Emotions

    Episode 4

    Steve Goss, Dr Mary Wren and Dr Ifeoma Monye discuss how we are not defined by circumstances or our past, but by what Father God says about us.

  • Free To Choose

    Episode 5

    To obey or not to obey? Steve Goss and Dr Mary Wren encourages us to consider our will, which is our God given ability to make decisions and choices.

  • Living Sacrifice

    Episode 6

    Our bodies are configured in a mind blowing way that works in harmony. Steve Goss and Dr Ifeoma Monye explain how keeping our body healthy can enable us to be ready for whatever God want us to do.

  • To Die Is Gain

    Episode 7

    The Bible often commands us not to be afraid. Steve Goss and Dr Mary Wren take a deeper look at fear and anxiety, and how we can cast our cares onto God.

  • Will God Heal Me?

    Episode 8

    Summarising the series, Steve Goss, Dr Mary Wren and Dr Ifeoma Monye remind us that even if we don't receive complete healing, we can still be fruitful disciples.