Embracing the Challenge

Embracing the Challenge

3 Seasons

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Embracing the Challenge
  • Leadership Challenge

    Episode 1

    Gabriel Chan introduces the series, shares his testimony and encourages us to take our faith deeper within a community of fellow believers.

  • The Misunderstood Father

    Episode 2

    What is our Heavenly Father really like? Gabriel Chan takes a deeper look at the parable of the Prodigal Son and the role of the father in the story.

  • Responding to Grace

    Episode 3

    Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law. Gabriel Chan explores how we respond to the grace of God and provides a theological framework for embracing a better understanding of holiness.

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    GCE_003B_170628_TBNUK (Not To Be Played Out)

  • Holy Inquisitiveness: Why, God?

    Episode 4

    Intelligence can be a blessing or a curse. Gabriel Chan encourages us to keep asking questions and searching for the things of God.

  • Take Charge Of Your Life

    Episode 5

    Feeling out of control? Gabriel Chan challenges us to believe we can make a difference to our lives, gain wisdom and enjoy a better balance in life, with God.

  • Servant Leadership

    Episode 6

    From the moment Jesus washed his disciple's feet, He demonstrated to us how to be a servant leader. Gabriel Chan challenges us to think about leadership, the way God intended.

  • Desiring Righteousness

    Episode 7

    Why is accountability so important? Gabriel Chan invites us to thrive, effectively living an authentic life and embracing righteousness.

  • Brother's Keeper

    Episode 8

    How do we love those around us? Gabriel Chan explores how can we help one another and carry each other's burdens.

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