Embrace The Journey

Embrace The Journey

8 Seasons

Each week Becky and her guests explore subjects that can sometimes appear contrary to one another, such as Justice vs Mercy or Destination vs Journey. Dig into God’s word and hear amazing stories from various guests.

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Embrace The Journey
  • God in the Waiting

    Episode 1

    Are you wishing away your life? Learn to embrace each season of our destiny, the highs and the lows, with Becky Murray.

  • What’s in your Hands?

    Episode 2

    Where do we begin when God asks us to do something? Becky Murray encourages to put what little we have, into the hands of God.

  • Protection for the Direction

    Episode 3

    We all wish for an easy journey, no bumps in the road, yet that is not often the case. Becky Murray reminds us that those moments can be the times that God teaches us the most.

  • Heartache to Triumph

    Episode 4

    Without the autumn there could be no spring. Becky Murray opens up about the passing of her father and how her Heavenly Father looks after her.

  • Touch the Wounds

    Episode 5

    There is something about touch that changes things. Becky Murray reads from John chapter 20 and the story of doubting Thomas.

  • Even if Not

    Episode 6

    Have you been through a time in your life where nothing has gone right? Becky Murray looks at how we can have faith in the midst of crisis.

  • Come and Rest

    Episode 7

    Do you ever think 'I'm too busy'? Becky Murray wants us to focus together on the importance of rest.

  • Hunger for More

    Episode 8

    Do you desire more of God? Becky Murray reminds us that we are all still learning and being transformed from glory to glory on the road of salvation.