Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

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Tune in to hear encouraging messages, so you can start your day well.

Don't Be Afraid
  • Standing Strong with James Aladiran

    Episode 3

    Join James Aladiran as he teaches how can we stand firm in times of fear and be confident in God’s protection of us.

  • God’s Provision with James Aladiran

    Episode 4

    How can we know that God will provide for us? James Aladiran discusses how to keep our faith when there is uncertainty in our job or finances.

  • Cast Your Cares on God with James Aladiran

    Episode 5

    How can we make space to draw near to God when we are under pressure? James discusses how to encounter God on a deeper level.

  • Responding to Isolation with James Aladiran

    Episode 6

    How can we grow in our intimacy with God during times where we are unable to gather together? James discusses the opportunities we have during a lock down.

  • Securing our Gateways with James Aladiran

    Episode 7

    How can we guard what we hear and see in order to protect the Word Of God in our hearts. James explains how we can declare truth with authority.

  • Peace Over Fear with James Aladiran

    Episode 8

    James explains how submitting to God helps us to resist fear and be at peace. He looks at Mark 4, explaining how Jesus is able to calm the storm from a place of peace.

  • Intercession During the Pandemic with James Aladiran

    Episode 9

    James explores intercession and Aaron’s role as a priest, during a plague, in Numbers chapter 16. This inspires us to stand and pray against the pandemic.

  • Prayer and Mission with James Aladiran

    Episode 10

    How can we use what we have to make an impact in difficult times? James provides some advice including praying for leaders, being active on social media, and serving practically.

  • You Matter with Valerie Elyott

    Episode 39

    How can we know we are significant when there is so much going on around us? Valerie Elyott helps us to focus on God’s perspective.

  • The Faith Sandwich with Valerie Elyott

    Episode 11

    Valerie Elyott shares on how she is able to keep her faith strong by using three ingredients: faith, peace and love.

  • Keeping our Focus with Valerie Elyott

    Episode 12

    It’s so easy to focus on the negative things. Valerie Elyott helps us to tune our ears to the positive things in our lives and the sound of Jesus.

  • Steady in the Storm with Jon Colyer

    Episode 13

    How can we connect with the peace of Jesus when in a storm? Jon Colyer explores the story of Jesus calming the stormy seas. 

  • Guard Your Heart with Jon Colyer

    Episode 14

    Looking at scripture, it is very clear we need to guide, protect, and check our hearts. Jon Colyer looks at the ways in which we can check our spiritual health.

  • Dwell on God with Jon Colyer

    Episode 15

    Jon Colyer discusses why it’s so important to dwell on truth, hope and God instead of fear, negativity and hurt.

  • God Invites Us with Jon Colyer

    Episode 16

    We are invited into the secret place with God, to see and hear what he wants to show and tell us. Jon Colyer uses scripture to remind us of this truth. 

  • Invited to Choose with Stu Glassborow

    Episode 17

    God allows us to make choices throughout life. Stu Glassborow explores the impact of the choices we make and how we can choose and cling to God in times of confusion.

  • Prince of Peace with Stu Glassborow

    Episode 18

    Stu Glassborow looks at God’s extraordinary character and explores what it means to know the Prince of Peace.

  • Anxious for Nothing with Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 19

    Unpacking Philippians 4:6-7, Chlo Glassborow looks at how we can stop worrying and boldly bring our requests and circumstances before God.

  • Worship Over Worry with Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 20

    How can we change our mindset from worrying to worshipping? Chlo Glassborow helps us to focus on God and all he has done, instead of on our circumstances.

  • Carried by God with Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 21

    We have a rich history of evidence and experiences of God providing for and protecting us. Chlo Glassborow helps us to look at what God had done, in order to trust him with our situation.

  • Carried by God with Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 22

    We have a rich history of evidence and experiences of God providing for and protecting us. Chlo Glassborow helps us to look at what God had done, in order to trust him with our situation.

  • Joy is Here with Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 23

    How can we live in a place of joy, and bring those around us into that joy? Chlo Glassborow explores the way that joy is available and eternal.

  • Fixed by God with the Cherries

    Episode 28

    How can we stay on track with our faith? Andrew and Louise Cherrie encourage us to have faith and stay fixed in the things of God.

  • Needing Courage with the Cherries

    Episode 29

    During the pandemic, our lives, families, and churches have been under pressure. Andrew reads Proverbs 24:10, exploring what it means to need courage and encouragement.