Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White

3 Seasons

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Canon Andrew White
  • Brian Futcher - Part 1

    Episode 1

    What is the reality of the persecuted church? Join Canon Andrew White as he sits down with Brian Futcher speaking about his time in the Middle East.

  • Brian Futcher - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Canon Andrew White continues his conversation with Brian Futcher about his heart for reaching the Kurdish people with the love of God.

  • David Lamb

    Episode 3

    Canon Andrew White speaks to Pastor David Lamb, who inspired him at St Thomas hospital and they remember receiving the fire and passion of the Holy Spirit.

  • Chris Demetriou

    Episode 4

    Canon Andrew White interviews Pastor Chris Demetriou about his vital participation in work in the Middle East.

  • General Roddy Porter - Part 1

    Episode 5

    Friendships can be extraordinary. Canon Andrew White shares together with General Roddy Porter about the good times and the hard times they had in Baghdad.

  • General Roddy Porter - Part 2

    Episode 6

    Canon Andrew White continues his talk with General Roddy Porter about his work with supporting Christians in the armed forces though MMI (Military Ministry International).

  • Elaine Glover

    Episode 7

    Canon Andrew White welcomes Elaine Glover and talks about how God called her to help and pray for the judge of Saddam Hussein.

  • Phil Whitehead

    Episode 8

    Canon Andrew White speaks to Pastor Phil Whitehead about his vision and heart for mission in the Middle East.