Word & Spirit - Dr RT Kendall

Word & Spirit - Dr RT Kendall

7 Seasons

RT Kendall, author and former pastor of Westminster Chapel for over 25 years, presents some of his favourite messages from his many years in ministry.

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Word & Spirit - Dr RT Kendall
  • Pharisees - Part 1

    Episode 18

    RT Kendall opens up about his childhood and the strict rules he was under and how religion can affect relationship with God.

  • Pharisees - Part 2

    Episode 2

    How can we live a holy life? RT Kendall explains what happened after the fall and the effect it had on humanity.

  • Pharisees - Part 3

    Episode 3

    Jesus could be ruthless with the way he described the Pharisees. RT Kendall speaks about how traditions became the pharisees' law.

  • Pharisees - Part 4

    Episode 4

    Do we have a sense of sin? RT Kendall speaks on his revelation about the conviction of sin in his life.

  • Pharisees - Part 5

    Episode 5

    Dr RT Kendall explores the Sermon on the Mount and the ways in which the Kingdom of God comes in ways we don't always expect, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Pharisees - Part 6

    Episode 23

    The righteousness of Jesus is what saves us and gets us to heaven. R.T. Kendall encourages us to continue in the faith that secures our inheritance of heaven.

  • Pharisees - Part 7

    Episode 7

    RT continues his series studying phariseeism by looking into three key life applications from the sermon on the mount.